are real ass whores are not selling?

i saw that city girls came out with a new album the other day.
raw which i read allegedly meant “real ass whores”.
i can’t confirm or deny but its pretty on-brand for them.
i didn’t even need to get a review of the content to know.

“My vagina is top tier.”
“My vagina got your man.”
“My vagina gets money.”
“My vagina twerks for your man and gets his money.”

same ol; same ol in coochie music.
i guess you all had the same feelings cause…

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Birdman Out Here Giving Free Cash Money To Foxes Like Welfare

Birdman-u10so why no one aint tolded-ed me birdman was the untapped resource?
birdman stay lacing his jump offs with the finest.
ima need him to cape for my bills and career at this point.
while we chasing meat we can actually stomach laying on top of us,
birdman out here giving “the foxi swagg premium lifestyle” to a chosen few.
like so…
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You’re Not GAY Until You Say It

dream-hampton_jay-z-497hip hop journalist,
dream hampton ( x bio ),
decided to weigh in on some same sex issues today.
2013 has been off to a gay start, hasn’t it?
she says you are not gay until you self id as gay.
which means you can suck and fuck whoever you want.
just don’t say you are the “g” word.
look at what she had to say on her twitter this morning…

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kris-kross2he was the one on the right.
absolutely sad…

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hip hop.
it can be inspiring,
thought provoking,
story telling,
or all of the above.

these albums launched the careers of the legends.
some are not with us anymore.
others are still ruling,
and the rest have fallen off HEAVY.

i listened to all of these albums for the first time last week.
i’m sure i am super late.
i gotta say,

music was so much better in the 90s, wasn’t it?

either way,
this quick round is:


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Have I Ever Said How Much I Wanted To Smash LL Cool J?

he is one of my fantasies.
that is definitely daddy right there.
ll cool j has a new video and song i’m just now hearing about.
it’s called “take it” and it’s featuring joe…

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