Birdman Out Here Giving Free Cash Money To Foxes Like Welfare

Birdman-u10so why no one aint tolded-ed me birdman was the untapped resource?
birdman stay lacing his jump offs with the finest.
ima need him to cape for my bills and career at this point.
while we chasing meat we can actually stomach laying on top of us,
birdman out here giving “the foxi swagg premium lifestyle” to a chosen few.
like so…

An Atlanta teen — who made his television debut on T.I.’s “Road To Redemption” — is being revealed as as an industry jump-off to name plate dudes in the biz. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Birdman, who’s said to be the 18-year-old’s latest sponsor.

“Peewee gets way more shoes from these celeb dudes than the girls do. He’s proud of it too!”

Screen-shot-2013-09-30-at-8.11Sources tell us he’s known as “Pee Wee” and “Roscoe.” If you caught his spot on T.I.’s MTV special, you’ll recall he revealed a troubled childhood, growing up with a crackhead mother who hustled the streets – before T.I. took him under his wing.

“Road to Redemption was all scripted. Pee Wee and T.I. were already longtime buddies before they did the show … but he did get shot though.”

According to an insider Pee Wee is now doing what he’s reported to have witnessed his mother doing … hustlin’ his azz for cash and pricey gifts.

“Birdman takes care of Pee Wee, buying him gifts and keepin’ him in the glam life … all in exchange for sex.”

Here’s the drop:

“Pee Wee is a lost soul and these grown ass men in the industry continue to mentally and sexually abuse him. Birdman is Pee Wee’s current sponsor.”

that story is actually real sad.
could i deal with birdman?



i’m still thinking…

i’m sure he is a nice person
but that new money hood booger lifestyle he got going on.
uh uh.
i like my wolf to be a little hood,
but birdman takes that shit to a whole new level.
i don’t want to see things i cant unsee.
in any event: congrats peewee.
get that young fox.
i will need pee wee to get his living situation in order tho.
he will have to put his shoes in his own home at some point.
once his bootyhole looks like a cauliflower:

cauliflower-06the party is over.
well there’s always his mouth.

lowkey: i been hearing some good things about t.i. as well.
call me.


story source: hsk

9 thoughts on “Birdman Out Here Giving Free Cash Money To Foxes Like Welfare

  1. Of course everyday its a different rumor about every black male celeb being gay. This one right here, I can so believe. I actually saw Birdman in LA at LAX about 6 years ago and it was so weird because I picked up not necessarily a gay vibe from him but a vibe he was not into women at all. Him and some of his Cash money goons were waiting on a flight and they were waiting on him like he was a King or something. One dude cut up his food for him and I was like whoa, is this not the gayest shit I have ever seen. They only had one girl with them and about 7 or 8 guys. This girl was very pretty and none of the dudes were paying her none. Also I get the same vibe from mega producer Timbaland, saw him out before and he acted like he was not into chicks at all, and several fine and beautiful women were coming up to him and he was so non nonchalant with them, and even my friend who took a pic with him was like he is weird, I wanted to say, no he is gay and not into chicks lol. Not that this proves anything about either, but these are my personal observation, and I can believe that many of these pretty boys out here in these rap crews may be providing other services to these entertainers.

  2. ^ LOL student loans don’t get me started CTFU & I’ve always thought there was something special about TI (side eye) LOL. he is fine though and I not going to go in about his wife but why is he with Donald the Duck smh.

  3. Well Birdman does have nice juicy lips and I wouldn’t mind to have sex with him with condoms.

      1. and a watchful eye at birdman the way he looks i wouldn’t be surprise if he break the condom and shoot his load inside then pretend the condom broke on it own.

  4. I know I shouldn’t but how does one get linked to these baller wolves? I got student loans coming up and I’ve been looking for work but no bueno on anything that pays top dollar.

    1. ^right place at the right time?
      pee wee found his way into the circle with his “story”.
      sometimes it takes just one random situation to open the right doors.

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