Usher Perfects and Crafts His B.I.L.F

Usher+002usher has come a long way with his body.
i usually had no complaints.
confessions body era>>>8701 era
well he has been training hard to play sugar ray leonard in a new movie.
he had a recent shoot with men’s health and well…

tumblr_mua1uk8TtD1r9pt1so5_250slide on it.
this is what he had to say about getting in shape for the role:

“What he did as a boxer is no different from what I do as a dancer,” the 34-year-old Usher says of Leonard, now 57, in the November issue of Men’s Health, on newsstands Oct. 15.

Usher went to great lengths to get into character – and even met with Leonard himself.

My commitment to this character demands that I not only physically get ready, but also become him,” Usher says. “The hair, the personality, the manner he conducts himself in, all that. He’s an incredible man.”

Usher also talks about the early days of his career, recounting how, at the age of 14, he moved to New York City to work with Sean “Diddy” Combs. The two spent long hours in the recording studio, followed by long hours dancing in nightclubs.

“My childhood wasn’t like the average kid’s,” he says. “That’s not really great for a young boy. But I didn’t know.”

a potential freak,
and and can/will kick your ass.
im yours.

tumblr_m787o1U8Ff1rb9x7no1_400lowkey: he always has something low key to shade about diddy and his past.
anyone notice that?
i wonder what went down with those two when he was a teenager?

write up: people magazine

9 thoughts on “Usher Perfects and Crafts His B.I.L.F

  1. I have always liked Usher he has his own style. Regardless of what some people say we all have our own opinions. To me he has grown into a man. If Diddy turned him out, he had a choice in the matter. I always say if no one is standing and holding a gun to your head you can not be forced to do what you don’t want to.

  2. Usher is one entertainer I loathe and nothing he does moves me at all and its more of his attitude than anything else, him and Bryan McKnight seem to be the biggest Douchebags of the entertainment industry and let me not forget Tyrese. These 3 dudes get no love from me, they all seem like major league assholes.

  3. Looking great Usher. Those abs! I always thought he was gorgeous, his personality is what I haven’t really cared much for tho.

    Now onto that situation with his childhood. Usher was a exposed to a lot, that was no secret. His first hit “Can You Get Wit It” was very inappropriate for his age and I think Usher talked about that. Diddy turned him out as a teen and Usher blames him for the reason he is bisexual too. I know y’all heard them rumors about him being touched back in the day. Industry peeps are sick people.

    1. ^ya know i never checked out his first album.
      i got into him really during confessions.
      something about him use to rub me the wrong way.
      he came off way too extra,
      but he has since matured.
      usher has probably seen/done a lot.
      i bet his memoirs are going to be epic.

    2. Do you think a teenage boy who was touched or screwed by a man is going to become bisexual? Because that’s what right wing conservatives believe or those people in Jamaica who are killing Gay men.Killing them so they won’t turn the boys in the community Gay or recruit them.
      If Usher is Bisexual or Gay I don’t believe hooking up with Diddy is the cause.I also think Grown Folks shouldn’t be screwing with teenagers Male or Female,Straight or Gay.

      I know I’m not Gay or Bisexual but it bothers me when I hear comments about Gay men recruiting or turning out Teenage boys.This is happening with a friend of mine. His family wont allow him around his young nephews .These teenage boys are Girl Crazy but his family thinks he might turn them “that way”.I’m really pissed off about this situation I guess I just have an issue with the term “turned out” it sound predatory to me.
      On a side issue people are claiming Usher is a Scientologist. Has anyone else heard that about him?

      1. ^for some odd reason,
        they associate being gay with being a pedo.
        sure there are some nasty men out there who are into that sort of thing,
        but the rest of us are not.
        what you just said about your friend made me smh.

      2. What I said only pertained to Usher, I wasn’t speaking about society as a whole. However, some of the gays in the world today are gay due to the fact that they were touched as children, usually by a family member or someone close to the family. I know some agree with me. Those people who touched them were predators. All gays aren’t sexual predators, just like all straight people aren’t predators.

      3. I don’t believe sexual abuse or incest causes homosexuality.I believe these individuals were Gay or Bisexual prior to them being abused. One out of three girls and one out of four boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.Most of the abusers, about 90% are male.Most of these people being abused are heterosexuals but some of them are Gay or bisexual. The sexual abuse didn’t cause them to be Gay or Bisexual. I was sexually abused by a male and female cousin I am straight. My cousin Lisa was abused by her brother she is lesbian.Her sister Sheila was also abused by a brother and male cousins she is Straight. I believe Lisa was lesbian and Sheila and I were straight prior to the sexual abuse.We can agree to disagree on this topic

        Initially I used my cousins real names but I decided to use Fake names to protect their privacy.

        I gotta go but check out what I wrote on Frank Ocean post.Later

  4. Everytime I look at him he remind me of one of those good luck trolls with the different color hairs that stand up.

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