Safaree Has A Really Big…

… watch?

Nicki Minaj’s minion boyfriend my new fuck buddy friend hype man has a new video.
It is un-canny how he looks like my neighbor I have a crush on.

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I’m Obsessed With Women

Check to see which R&B poptart Wolf fucks every Vixen he sees…

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X Marks The F0x: Reggie Has A Sweet Ho Tooth

Fake tits.
Fake ass.
Fake personality.
Probably fake coochie.

Reggie Bush’s favorite flavor!

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Fuck Mi-I-I-I-I-I Pussy OFF!

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Soulja Boi Outed… Yet Again?

This one is an upgrade rather than the chubby one flaunting his LV purse.
*zips lips*

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Baller Lockdown


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