X Marks The F0x: Reggie Has A Sweet Ho Tooth

Fake tits.
Fake ass.
Fake personality.
Probably fake coochie.

Reggie Bush’s favorite flavor!

As rumor as it, Reggie has found love lust in another blow up bimbo.
Young, good looking, strong dicked baller with millions?
Yeah, I’m sure he is swimming in bimbo cooch…
…like I’d be swimming in bimbo ballers.

Only thing is, Claudia is a working bimbo.
She actually makes her money in Miami with the group “Taz Angels“,
turning the club scene into a scene from Hookers At The Point.

Can’t lie and say she isn’t a cute bimbo.
Can’t lie and say I’m moreso focusing on his pecs than her face.

I’m sure he fucked that chick
hard body “Under The Sea/Ariel Mermaid” style on that boat.
She made her money that trip!

I miss all the fun.

Do us Foxes and Vixens a favor!
Leak the sex tape so we can see what Reggie is really working with!
That is all we want for Christmas this year.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: Reggie Has A Sweet Ho Tooth”

    1. Aye, yo, that wasn’t cool. Made me wanna fight you for posting it & Reggie for having those hammer toes…

      Still, if he wore some socks, I’d still smash

  1. Real or fake her body is AMAZING!!!!!!! But as we can see he has a particular type: the “GROUPIE.” Who, might i add, is in the same genus as the “Jump off” and the “Average hoe” fysh species.

  2. I can’t hate. At least he didn’t get something built like spongbob wearing stretch pants, etc,etc…you get the point. Anyways, nobody has learned from OJ’s tale of horrow. Don’t do it because when something goes down, its going to be you(big black man) to take the heat.

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