Wake Up And Smell The Masculine Wolf

Was this another wake up call to everyone?


This well renowned masculine producer and DJ,
just gave everyone another lesson.

Aren’t we tired of these lessons?

Even though Mister Cee isn’t OD popular,
he was a major influence in hiphop back in the 90’s.
This man helped produce Big’s first EPIC album!!
He already got some more inches on his dick because of that.
He hangs with dudes I’m sure would scare most people in a back alley.

…but everyone is all shocked and appalled.
People are trying to believe this man would NEVER
be capable of fucking with a dude.

“Look at him!
He looks like a man!”


I’m more shocked he was blatantly getting dome in a car at 5pm.
C’mon Cee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That tranny has the “WET MOUTH ON CHEAP SHEETS” look.
You couldn’t afford a motel room by the airport?

Am I the only one not shocked anymore by these antics?

…or, maybe because I know Wolves come in all shapes and sizes.
See people (women) often think that a Wolf is suppose to be obvious to be down low.
Which confuses me because “down low” means “no one is suppose to know“.
They think he is suppose to have feminine traits and be an all around dramatic snow queen.

Look I can’t speak for my other Foxes….
but I’m not attracted to that, so Wolfie better not come up to me voguing.

Even though,
I do find the porn star Hotrod attractive,
but thas another story

If he has shit stains in the front of his boxers, he is fuckin’ dudes.
(No, that means he is fuckin’ nasty and you need to get rid of him ASAP.)
My favorite was: if you stick your finger in his ass and he likes it.

All stupid.

Most down low dudes are already sixteen steps ahead in not getting caught up, so those reasonings are beyond stupid.
Which also makes me wonder why Cee was so messy.

If half these people knew the men I have talked too/fucked with.
Some of the Wolves my Foxes have  gotten down with.
I honestly think most of these people would commit suicide.

Shit, zookeepers.
…they are ALL trying to get with us…Foxes.

Anyway, this is all just so very corny now.
I really need for people to wake up
and move on from this because guess what?
It’s life and in 2011,
we should NOT be shocked anymore.

...and his career is not over.
Look at Terrell Carter.


3 thoughts on “Wake Up And Smell The Masculine Wolf

  1. But I get tired of explaining to straight women then we come in all shapes and sizes. What they tend to be scared of is if their man is on the “down low” and they don’t know it… and chances are… he isn’t because is a particular type of men that does that sort of behavior and despite their popularity there aren’t that many of them compared to the amount of men out there.

    Back to Mister Cee…. It wasn’t really a dude that he got head from. It was a tranny or something close to it. So what we really need to be talking about is Tranny- Chasers and what exactly is the appeal there? Is it because she has a penis? Is it because she’s feminine and yet masculine at the same time? I’d like to know!

    1. one thing I learned is to stop explaining shit to vixens.
      they going to stay asking you if someone is gay, is he gay, he did this so do u think he is gay, my boyfriend did such and such so do you think he is gay…

      they get obsessed and then find themselves being inspector gadget for wolfs.

      … and what is this particular type of man?

      1. What i meant was that not all gay men will pretend to have relations with women while having sex with men in private. There’s a certain kind of guy who does that and chances are most women will not come across one despite what the media or messy cunts will have you believe.

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