Mister Cee Wanted Something Cheap In Brook-Lynn

I’m still a little mad that Mister Cee
was up in this car at 5pm getting some slow neck.

(reminding me of that scene in For Colored Girls LOL)

But I’m even more mad that his tranny looked like this…..

Everyone meet¬†Lawrence¬†Campbell…
AKA Brook-lynn… 

This looks like a typical sugary sweet late night snack
that likes to wear a wig on occasion.
Was this worth the 20 dollars of lifetime embarrassment?
Well judging from the physical,
I guess things are usually cheaper in Brook-lynn.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Mister Cee Wanted Something Cheap In Brook-Lynn”

  1. Oh, so it was a cunt who gets up is geisha from time to time. That’s different from a tranny because he’s only part-time fysh. So is it safe to say he has a thing for fem-botz as opposed to chicks with dicks then?

  2. realistically,
    a real tranny is a tranny 24/7.
    wig is never excluded.
    lawrence is a skipper playing like he is a barbie doll.
    typical village queen.
    nothing to see here folks.

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