“…Brought Out the Pink Lamborghini Just To Fight with Chyna”

blac chyna won me over on her snapchat.
this is when i use to be creepin’ on there real heavy.
well when i saw her fighting at six flags

…i was like dammmmmn chyna!
just hand rob the custody of little dream.
you know “cruella de jenner” is always watching!
sidebar: why i thought dream was in the car she was trying to throw?
i legit gasped.
so i was looking at chyna all kinds of crazy,
but after i found out the rest of the details,
i was actually on her side.
this is what she posted on her social media about what happened…
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Drama King

tumblr_mkzubwe3Jo1s2sjwvo1_500i woke up this morning at 4am in a sweat.
it was kinda hot in my apartment,
because the heat been on “hoe in church with no draws on” level.
ironically enough,
i went to sleep naked that night.
i had a funny feeling in the pit my stomach.
something didn’t feel “right”.
i get those feelings often.
i got up and went to check the locks.
i walked throughout the crib to make sure no one was hiding in my closets.
(ha ha ha i already hear the jokes now).
i looked at my mail on my coffee table.
  no current or overdue bills.
restaurant ads and junk mail.
my apartment was clean.
i gave a quick thanks to god.
he has provided me so much and i am truly grateful.
i laid on my couch.
what was this feeling i was having?
why was i having it?
i wasn’t use to it.
then it hit me!
i was feeling the effects of “my house was in order”.
i had no drama in my life.
i’m not getting fucked on the regular,
but i don’t have to worry about some bullshit ass wolf.
no struggling to pay bills.
food was in my fridge.
i’m unemployed,
but i was still making it.
i cut off all the dead weight.
i erased a ton of useless contacts in my phone.
so why was i feeling like this?
why was i up at 4am,
and still stripping myself down looking for something wrong?
i started to wonder…
if i am so used to things going completely left field…

Was I actually shocked when things are going right?

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foXXX: The Wolf We Never Saw Again


Don’t you hate when you watch a foXXX,
see a sexy ass Wolf,
he fucks some Fox into oblivion,
and then he went there too?

Well, this Wolf below needs to be on the F-BI list.

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