“…Brought Out the Pink Lamborghini Just To Fight with Chyna”

blac chyna won me over on her snapchat.
this is when i use to be creepin’ on there real heavy.
well when i saw her fighting at six flags

…i was like dammmmmn chyna!
just hand rob the custody of little dream.
you know “cruella de jenner” is always watching!
sidebar: why i thought dream was in the car she was trying to throw?
i legit gasped.
so i was looking at chyna all kinds of crazy,
but after i found out the rest of the details,
i was actually on her side.
this is what she posted on her social media about what happened…

as a parent,
even in the wild,
it’s their job to protect their young.
even though i’m looking at the crowd chyna is with side ways,
i don’t blame her for wanting to connect that car with a she-jackal’s head.
a vix-bi sent me the she-jackal explaining her side of things:

i don’t really understand “bird”,
but it looks like a confession to me.
i hope this gets resolved.
this is a video shot at six flags before/after the incident:

i loved her social media snaps and stories with her king and dream.
aside all her drama and weird decisions,
chyna seems like a good mom.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““…Brought Out the Pink Lamborghini Just To Fight with Chyna””

  1. Yooo between the fight footage and homegirls first hand account i can’t deal lol. Foolishness all around lol. And good mom Jamari??? Nahhh I disagree. I ain’t gonna say she bad but I wouldnt use the term good either, dem kids seem to come second to her fame whoring. Plus a lot of people flex on social media with they kids and look like grade A parents when they lowkey the opposite.

  2. That twitter account legit had all the gifs and reactions pics that hoodrats use to justify their buffoonery. Might as well call it the gutter buster starter pack. Fuckin L O L.

    1. Damn, I actually thought that was her teenage son trying to hold her back in the all white but then I realized she still messing with that dude that’s barely in his 20s.

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