(Damn) Pineapples Wanna Stick Safaree For His Paper

our poor safaree.
we care about safaree now especially after *ahem* “curve gate”.
you know what i’m talmbout.
so safaree didn’t have a good night.
he tweeted this last night:

…which lead to the obvious questions.
 jerry demarco from the “fort lee daily voice” had an entire write up about what went down…

A popular rapper-turned-reality TV personality and a companion were robbed of $183,000 in jewelry and cash in Fort Lee by three men — two of whom were caught by police after a wild chase across the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan.

“[Monday] morning was probably 1 of the worst scariest nights of my life.” Safaree Samuels tweeted after the holdup .

His Instagram page also has a photo of the red fur coat that Samuels was wearing when, he said, the robbers ordered him and Corey Bryant to the ground at gunpoint before fleeing on foot with the valuables around 2 a.m. Monday.

Responding Officers Patrick Cillo and Natalie Mateus spotted a black Cadillac Escalade without front or rear license plates, its headlights off, make a sharp U-turn and head to the bridge’s upper level as they approached, Capt. Matthew Hintze said…


thank God he is okay!
that’s scary af.
who had an interview with angie martinez this morning,
ended up breaking down on air:

life can legit flash before your eyes when a gun is in your face.
i wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
word in the forests is allegedly one of his home-wolves set him up.
it seemed like an inside job in my head.
like the famous words of one of my favorite songs from big:

“Damn, pineapples wanna stick me for my cream
And it ain’t a dream, things ain’t always what it seem
It’s the ones that smoke blunts with ya, see your picture
Now they wanna grab they guns and come and get ya”

you gotta be careful who you let up in ya space.
not all energy is good and every smile ain’t genuine.
i pray for swift justice and criminal prosecution for all those involved.
keep ya head up safaree!
i we need him and “curve gate” in one piece.

6 thoughts on “(Damn) Pineapples Wanna Stick Safaree For His Paper

  1. He is lucky to be alive and not shotsor otherwise injured. Some criminals don’t like to leave witnesses and somtisome they shoot by accident or nervousness.

  2. That poor pretty dicked MAN! No but all jokes aside I know that shit was scary, and I’m so happy they didn’t shoot him, I remember one time I met a nigga off jacked and he pulled out his gun jus to show me, and ASK if it was cool to bring inside, baby I saw that shit and turned into the Mr. Krabs meme! dazed, life flashin & all, So I can only imagine how he felt having one to his head, shame!

  3. I always wonder if Safaree and other people, who are flashy and always rocking the big chains and diamond pinky rings, bring stuff like this to them. Walking around with a bright fur coat would be a invite to criminals to rob him.

    1. Exactly. I feel for him but wat do u expect walkin around in a gigantic RED fur like come on bruh.

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