Olivia Pope May Meet Cookie Lyon?

OLIVIAMEETSCOOKIEis olivia pope going to handle cookie lyon in the near future?
she just might.
it seems that the creator of empire,
danny strong,
wants to collab with shonda rhimes
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He Did This Thing To My Ass That Made My Eyes Water

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.46.33 PMinteresting question.
i had to ask myself the same.
now i wasn’t going to post until tomorrow,
  but tonight’s “how to get away with murder” had me feeling a little…
(this entry is NSFW,

and “not for straight eyes”)…
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People Magazine Is Out of Control

disrespectintweetone of my f-bi sent me this,
emailed titled:

“why are white people showing out these days???”

well lets not blame all white people for these shenanigans.
apparently people magazine tweeted ^that during
“how to get away with murder”.
a show that queen viola d stars in.
they wanted her to say line from THE “FUCKIN” HELP on the show.
they got such backlash from black twitter that they removed it.
i’m surprised how bold people are getting these days.
the complete and utter disrespect is disgusting.
those ratings looking like:

how to get away with murder: 14 mill
scandal: 11 mill
a black woman has a whole night dedicated to her shows.
two talented black actresses are the stars of her shows.
that #tgit and shondaland reign just won’t let up.

b4vx5ljpg“yeah yeah yeah”…
okay bye.

x watch the whole #TGIT line up on abc

Fishplates Will Be Served After (Bruvvah James)


Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.28.10 AMwelp if you watched scandal this week for the conclusion to #whogotshot,
you know james novak was killed.
personally i thought he was way too nosy,
extremely annoying,
and overstepped his boundaries many times.
i will say this…
i cried during the last ten minutes.
shonda knows how to kill a tv character,
don’t she?
may james and his uncontrolled “doing too much” RIP.

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Are We The Foxhole or Are We Bitches?

scandal is off to a damn good start for season 3.

i missed this show terribly over the summer.
olivia pope makes me feel so alive.
i love how she solves problems.
they show should teach you how celeb teams solve issues as well.
i’m a proud #gladiatorfox.
tonight’s episode really goes to show that you can be perfect,
play by the rules,
and rescue cats from trees in your spare time.
as soon as a scandal breaks and your name is on the package
suddenly everyone is “returning to sender”.
“how they gonna set up…”
i don’t want to give to much away,

x watch this and watch this now

lowkey: abby looks great,
harrison and fitz look like sex,
and melly looks amazing.
season 3 brought top notch make up artists and stylists.