Seven Fifty-Two

i’m tellin ya’ll right now.
if this show doesn’t win any awards next season,
i will turn over some tables.

minor spoilers below…

KERRY WASHINGTONlast night’s episode tho!!!
i was all in my feelings.
the conclusion to huck’s story had me bawling.

tumblr_lvn44kLbML1qm2a7po2_250i can’t believe this broke his spirit like that.
olivia’s speech tho:

Olivia: [to Huck] The thing is, Huck, you always say that I saved you. That’s not true. It’s not even close to true. I had been all alone for a very long time. There are moments, people who somehow they convince me that I’m wrong. That I’m not alone. That I have something to…people let you down. People hurt you. People lie. I’m all alone except for you. Harrison and Abby and Quinn, we take care of them. We love them. But they don’t live on the dark side of the moon. They’re different. So Huck, I need you to snap out of this, whatever this is. Whatever happened to you, you have to come back to me. I need you. You are all I have. You are everything because I didn’t save you in that Metro station. You saved me.

x watch episode here

i don’t know if the foxhole is into this show,
but you all need to get into it.
if you have netflix,
the first season is on stream.

x scandal on netflix

i can hook everyone up with it for free.
just say the word.

lowkey: i respect how loyal they are to liv.
i admire that heavy.
obviously shonda rhimes said “f grey’s anatomy!”.
that show has run it’s course.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Seven Fifty-Two”

  1. This is the best show on TV. I loved it so much. And everyone was trying to figure out 752 and everything about the family.

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