Olivia Pope May Meet Cookie Lyon?

OLIVIAMEETSCOOKIEis olivia pope going to handle cookie lyon in the near future?
she just might.
it seems that the creator of empire,
danny strong,
wants to collab with shonda rhimes

“Empire” creator Danny Strong seems fascinated by the prospect of a mashup between his show and “Scandal.”

Strong was out Wednesday night celebrating the season finale of his EPICALLY popular show when we asked about the possibility of the two biggest shows on social media colliding.

He was hip to the idea and even threw out a few storylines.

lets throw this one in the “fantasy” files and keep it moving.
although it would be interesting to see both actresses,
taraji and kerry,
on each others shows playing totally different characters.
if they can get a good story line together,
incorporating cookie and liv,

i might allow it.

lowkey: all we need is for lucious to smash liv…

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Olivia Pope May Meet Cookie Lyon?”

  1. Sorry not sorry. Love both shows and let’s keep them in their respective lanes, shall we? It’s bad enough Lena Dunham has found her way on tonight’s episode of Scandal, a show that has exhibited diversity in its cast from the jump. Unlike Lena’s show Girls, which originally was a Blackout as far as characters were concerned. #ijs

  2. Nah, not a good match. But can I just say I love the new look. And right in time for the first day of spring tomorrow.

  3. I would rather see kerry and ms.Henson in a movie together but not there characters in a tv special.

  4. I’m a fan of shared universes. It makes the fictional world we tune in to watch every week seem bigger.

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