He Did This Thing To My Ass That Made My Eyes Water

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.46.33 PMinteresting question.
i had to ask myself the same.
now i wasn’t going to post until tomorrow,
  but tonight’s “how to get away with murder” had me feeling a little…
(this entry is NSFW,

and “not for straight eyes”)…

600x338_Jack.jpg “how to get away with murder” is obviously written by a gay man.
if not,
that is one straight wolf with a hell of an imagination.
in my opinion,
 ^connor is really easy on this show.
he has a pointless sex scene damn near every episode.
the complaints ( x sandra rose was retweeting ) didn’t help either.
i’m sure it makes the straights have the wrong opinion on us.
well one that is not:


the usual,
ya know?
this show makes gay life a bit fantasized.
almost like a porno with an actual storyline.
sure some of us have had some crazy hook up stories.

“there was that one time in the school…
in the library…
under a table…
during lunch…”

…but the way they constructed this character is kinda unrealistic.
if it was that easy for us to just hook up with any meat we saw,
i would be fuckin’ like it would be going out of style.
hell i would have had sex today,
and the day before.
i would just look at some wolf and he can have me any which way.
i’d have a few.
starting with these treats:

…and they would be just appetizers.

its really not that easy tho.
vixens think it is easy because their opinion of us is enhanced by queens.
if “connor” was in real life,
most of his conquests would be found on grindr.
shiddd most of his conquests would have been full of attitude too.
maybe its different in the snow world?
maybe its different in the world of the rich and famous?
where hooking up with an actor is just a tuesday night in hollywood?
connor is a law student who is trying to be samantha from “satc”.
tumblr_m80fh60Ui91rpuj1di don’t know.
i’m sure if he was classy then the show would be boring.
either way,
shonda rhimes has this impression gay men are completely easy.
she maybe right for the jackals out here,
just like the vast array of straights with no chill,
but most of us out here have some sort of home training.
not everyone’s life is a myvidster favorites section.
at least get to know me before we fuck on a table somewhere.

x watch the last how to get away with murder episode here

16 thoughts on “He Did This Thing To My Ass That Made My Eyes Water

  1. Ummm…. who are the two in that this-bi-guy gif picture? What website is that from? Details please!

  2. i feel so sorry for women 🙁 today not knowing whether their man had sexual relations before they got into relationship

  3. It amazes me that the number of men bi-gay that are out and those that are not. I am 47 year old grew up in a small town about an hour and thirty minutes from Atlanta back during my early 20’s the so call straight or bi men were fucking gay guys like crazy. It never failed hanging in straight clubs and going to other small gatherings could land you a date in minutes. I was told by some friends while living in Atlanta to go to the strip club Magic City and you were surely going to come out of it with one of those guys, so it is the way one carries oneself.

  4. If anything he’s more self-assured and confident than gay men are in real life.

    He’s not out analyzing every stare or gesture a guy makes at him wondering “Is he gay?” or “Does he like me?”.

    He knows he can have you if he wants you.

    Not the ideal type for loyalty or a friendship or relationship, but I admire the confidence.

    Part of me will always be self conscious.

  5. that last black man in the pic above the gif…LAWD!!!!!! see how that shirt is clinging his arms…smh too sexy that’s hubby material

    1. i guess dark skin and braids these days automatically makes someone ugly?!?! don’t say that around black women because you’d get scolded like a misbehaved child at after school detention

  6. Ok y’all, let’s not pretend that the majority of gay men do not engage in sexual activity with other gay men fairly easily than the straight population. This lifestyle revolves around sex and there is no way of denying it. The story line of the characters is spot on.The Asian man is a well established Fox who has his shit together and wants an exclusive relationship instead of hookups. Connor is a Hybrid with a Wolf’s mentality, he doesn’t care about his partners from an emotional standpoint, he is just concerned about getting his rocks off. The man from the office he slept with was a low self-esteem Fox who obviously struggled with his self-worth, which explained his promiscuity and why he committed suicide. Do not get upset because the show is portraying the lifestyle in front of millions of people.

    1. YES THE MAN i agree a 1000% with you even when folks try to make a love connection it usually revolves around sex i don’t even think it’s just a gay or str8 thing i believe it’s a generational thing…now i know there are hoes in every generation from both genders but i can honestly say most men i have come across even when just talking to them as friends it’s like they just automatically want to fuck you, even the DL ones it’s like you’re their forbidden fruit and they want to taste you whenever and however they please…i was just trying to date a guy recently back in August (we met online in July) who’s a soldier, with two children and he claimed he was out but over time i felt that wasn’t the case…and for awhile he always claimed to be busy to hang out at my place but he would always call or text me everyday…so after talking with him about his goals, his ambitions and our plans for our lives in the future i was beginning to, and still do, have feelings for him so my emotions got the best of me and we had sex back on the 20th of last month…mind blowing sex, however afterwards i felt like ‘this man is not trying to have a relationship, he only wants sex’ and he was just so into it during sex that i knew that me giving him some was going to cause a problem…since then he’s been blowing my phone up asking me when can we ‘chill’ again, how good it felt when he slid in (he claim i was the first guy he slept with) …so this show did kinda of hit the modern day lifestyle for many gay men on the head…granted i’m not just walking into an office fucking someone but i have hooked up in the past…that scene would have been any different if it was a man and women…i think it’s such a double standard also in regards to gay sex portrayed on tv versus str8 sex…

    2. ^man…

      watching it was a hard pill to swallow.
      it also made me realize I wouldn’t want a man like connor.
      like most people,
      gay and straight,
      are emotional vampires.
      connor is an emotional vampire who uses sex to get what he wants,
      all while making you over extend yourself to please him.
      he is a type that most are.
      the type I’m not interested in.

  7. Theres got to be a plot with him building, a reason as to why he keeps preying on this lonely asian mans emotions…maybe an abuse story…we already learned he went to boarding school and took the black girls fiancee for a ride…whats next…Shonda doesnt write this, shes just producing it. Peter Nowalk writes it and is openly gay.

  8. You hit is on the nail again. When I seen that part I was like WOW. Who writes the story lines? because baby that dude Connor is very provocative. The show is very entertaining but at the same time like you said its unrealistic. Gay people mostly men are labeled as just sexual creatures. By the way I think Wes is sooooooo gorgeous, even though he stay with a dumb look he still great to look at.

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