Work Me (Daddy)

yummy“babe i’m home…”

i was tired,
and over worked,
but seeing his face tho…

seeing his handsome face after a long day made me happy.

“damn you look like shit.”
he said.

um don’t rub it in.

“it was another day of hell again.
i am so over this job.
today i found out my co worker is spying on me for my boss…”

“i told you that you can come work for me.”

i didn’t want to work for my boyfriend.
that was just weird.
even though i know plenty of “stylists” and “public relations agents”,
i didn’t want to be “that person”.
plus he didn’t play with balls like their men.
well not that kind anyway.
their boyfriends get to travel to various states.
they get to live out of suitcases and eat airport food.
not my man.
he was the boss of his own company.
he found this successful brand of herbal supplements for people who train.
he also trained plenty of athletes in the city as well.
we actually met at my job a year ago.
he came in to pitch his product because my company wanted to represent him.
when i saw him walk in from my desk,
i thought he was absolutely perfect.
brown skin.
nice lips.
his dress shirt clung to his muscular frame.
that is what i noticed first.
i said to myself that i was going to get him.
when he smiled at me,
and followed me to the bathroom,
i know god wanted us to connect.
he was a gentleman with me through our courtship.
he knew i wasn’t some jack’d hoe from the projects.
even though he was talking to someone,
he ended up choosing me in the end.
thank god.

“i just…”

“you just what jamari?
complain every time you come in the house?”

“i don’t complain…”

“yes you do.
*imitating me* they treat me bad.
nah nah nah.
they make me sick.
nah nah nah
i want them to suck my ass.
nah nah nah…”

“okay first of all,
i don’t sound like that!”

“yes you do.
you don’t hear yourself.
i told you to quit that job and come work with daddy.”

god i loved when he calls himself daddy.

“i just…
i just don’t want us to break up because we worked together.”

would we break up again?”

“ you might think i’m terrible.
i don’t want you to think i’m terrible.”

he walked over to me and put both his hands on my shoulders.

“i don’t think you are terrible.
i actually think you are really smart.
you have incredible drive but lets face it,
that job is going to have you stuck and miserable.
its time for you leave and find your way baby.”

maybe he is right.
maybe i am holding myself back and wasting time.
i have been there since february and its been nothing but stress.
my boss doesn’t respect me.
that hoe of a co worker tries her best to get hot coffee thrown on her.
i guess i feel safe there.
i was unemployed for such a long time,
but i feel like i got this job as a blessing.
to bad it turned into a complete nightmare.

“you might be right.”
i said,
looking in his dark brown eyes.

“i’m always right.”
he said,
kissing me on my lips,


he took his lips and kissed me on my neck.


“uh huh…”
i said, closing my eyes.

he took his tongue and traced it over to the other side of my neck.


“oh god yes.”

“so make the right choice baby.
i’m going to go finish up some work.”


“…and go make some dinner with cho sexy ass.”

after he slapped me on the ass and walked away,
i decided to head right to the bathroom.
i needed to get myself together because i was horny as hell.
he does that to me.
that slick shit with the neck.
well dinner was he and also me.

an hour later,
i left the bathroom feeling light and ready.
i walked towards his office and saw him typing away on his iMac.
his office was messy.
boxes and supplement bottles everywhere.
i asked him to help clean it,
but he didn’t want me to touching anything until i worked for him.
he said that hard work required “method of payment”.
he believed in working for what you wanted.
“nothing in life is free jamari
i’m not going to have you clear in here for free”.
i think it was his way of trying to make me quit.
well i’m going to work hard for that nut tonight.
when i got to the door,
i just stood there and looked at him.

“i was thinking chicken tonight?
i seasoned it with lemon pepper and put it in the fridge.”
he asked.

“i was thinking beef.”


i walked over to him and stuck my tongue in his mouth.
i’m that guy.
when i want the dick,
i want the dick.
i just go in for the kill.
he knows this.

“well damn whats this for baby…?”
he said,
grabbing on my ass and i sat on his lap.

“you turn me on when you talk all adutly and stuff.”

“oh yeah…?”
he put his hands into my boxers and started fingering my wet hole.


he finger banged me as i moved my hips back and forth on his lap.
we kissed passionately as i ran my hands up and down his massive chest.
i loved his chest.
whatever is in that supplement definitely works.
this muthafucka is a lean mean fuckin’ machine.
i got up and pulled my boxers down quickly.
he pulled his pants down to his ankles and i sat back on him.
i took his thick 8 inch dick and started to easy down on it slowly.

“damn no head baby?
i want some head.”
he asked.

i just want to be fucked.
just fuck me now please.”

he started to pout.
fuck your poutin’.
now i believe in safe sex,
and never do raw sex with any and every man,
but i trust this one.
he has proved himself to be faithful.

when his dick was fully in 5 minutes later,
i started to move up and down on it slowly.
i could feel his hardness stretching my walls as i let him in.
he put his hands on both of my butt cheeks and i started to bounce.
he matched my bounce with his thrust.
his dick felt so good inside me.
it was almost like it was specially made for my ass.

“i love you…”
i said,
moaning and groaning.

“you love me?
you sure you don’t like this good dick?”

he asked.

“shut up!”

he picked me up,
spread my legs apart in his arms,
and started to bang me standing up.
i wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and stuck my tongue in his ear.

“daddy loves you too.
i love you so much.”

he loves me so much?
that turned me all the way on.
i moaned like a fuckin’ wildebeest as he started beatin up my boi pussy.
the noises of our skin slapping echoed throughout the room.

“i’m bout to cum baby.
where you want daddy nut?”

“you know where.”

“oh yeah?”

i hopped off his dick,
sat on the ground,
and he started jerking his dick in my face.
i arched my face upward and smiled.
it was coming…
it was coming…
it came.
his love graced every inch of my face.
i even took his dick to suck the rest of it out.
he always liked that.
what can i say?
i’m nasty with my man.

he said as he pulled his sweats back up.
he was breathing extra hard and sweat was coming down his forehead.

“i know.
well you do know a little something about a good work out.
i am satisfied with that session,”
i said,
wiping my face.

the next day i quit my job.

“you can take this job and shove it up your ass.”








okay i didn’t say that.
i did call and say “i quit”.
i decided to start working with my man.
he pays good and he comes with a ton of benefits.
i can’t be mad at that.

Written by Jamari Fox
(C) 10.15.14 9:30pm.

p.sdepressed or something like that.
job bs as usual.
will return tomorrow or so.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. so you’re back with the writing!!!!! keep it coming i love your writings question do you have any of your old stories up here i used to love reading them while i had my late night study sessions during my early undergrad years lol…you are truly gifted…i think you should tap into you more i think GOD has given you numerous talents can very well fund your lifestyle that you dream to have..start looking to getting more of your literary work out there…

    1. ^hey m!
      yeah I do.
      you are right.
      this week has been one big eye opener of how undervalued I am at work and myself.

      thanks everyone for reading and complimenting.
      my apologies for being so spotty with the blogging.
      i was through it all this week.

  2. Very hot story indeed. But you should have let him nut in your ass so when his fingers slip back into your hole. So you can suck the cum off from his fingers.

  3. I shouldn’t have read this at work I’m onnhard right now, I can’t wait till I have these moments with my wild one day.

  4. This is absolutely amazing writing! I’m laying up in my bed getting horny at this!!! Good stuff man.

  5. Damn this was some good shit Jamari.

    That job is really giving you a hard time huh? Hang in there man.

  6. OMG!!!! This was….. and I pray that something or someone comes along one day where you can finally tell that slore you work with and that job to go back to hell…. This was so good that, that I am now turned on..I wish I knew where “The Man”‘ was????

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