I’m A Caged Animal and My Underarms Smell Like Onion Rings

tumblr_n2tb5bXrQw1rirxvyo1_r1_500oh so noooowwwwww you get that “official negro wake up call”.
its about damn time chris.
it took him to be in solitary confinement with the rest of the animals to get it together…

Chris Brown says he’s finally been scared straight — because he learned pretty quickly … jail sucks.

You’d think the photos of Rihanna’s battered face would have left an impression … on him.  But apparently it took a few days in solitary to shake Chris to the core.

One source — who recently spoke with Brown on the phone — tells us, Chris says he feels like “a caged animal,” calling it “the worst experience of my life.”

We’re told Chris has been spending his time behind bars working out and writing music.  He’s telling people on the phone, “I’ll never f*** up again.”

a little more in depth info from a source:

“It’s bad, all bad for Chris,” the source glumly states. “He’s not doing well at all.”

Even though Chris has spent the past four months or so pent up in a rehab facility, that apparently was a vacation compared to jail, and Chris seems to be reacting to his prison sentence as badly as possible — he may be going crazy. “He’s not eating, not sleeping, and he’s out of his mind,” the insider continues. “He talks to himself. He’s tired and frustrated and feels like he’s trapped like a small hamster in a cage.” 

The conditions are like nothing Chris has ever experienced:

He only drinks water and the watered-down orange juice they give him. They slide him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bread with some five-year-old baloney, but he doesn’t eat that. He wouldn’t even let his dogs eat that. Chris is suffering. He’s going crazy. He has been stripped of everything. He doesn’t even have underwear on. He’s got nothing and no one.

Despite all of the trouble Chris’ temper has gotten him into since 2009, he always managed to evade jail time. But now that the court has really tightened their hold on him — a judge ordered Chris to stay in jail until a probation hearing on April 23 — he’s finally feeling the harsh consequences of his actions. “For the first time, and I mean the very first time, he’s scared and hopeless.”

all this drama for one month tho???

tumblr_lbihysHSVg1qewmu6o1_500fuck that.
he is acting like a spoiled coddled brat whose toys were put up on a shelf.
if he is ready to buy his way out of jail,
has he really learned?
 they need to keep his ratchet ass in there.
afterwards have him go straight to a mental hospital.
they should know he got demons.
his mental shit won’t be together until he does.
this “official negro wake up call” needs to sink in a little more.
maybe this will make him take that god forsaken nose ring out too!
one can only hope.
article courtesy: tmz | hollywood life

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “I’m A Caged Animal and My Underarms Smell Like Onion Rings”

  1. I agree. The judge needs to let him sit his ass in jail for a while longer and maybe it will REALLY sink in!
    If he’s allowed to buy his way out of this situation…he’s learned nothing other than money will get him out of trouble the next time. ALL celebrities need to be treated as such. They better thank god I’m not a judge because I would throw their asses in jail or treatment facilities as long as the law allows…AND the first fuck up they make, their ass would be headed to jail for 90 days MINIMUM! LOL

    1. ^word!
      why all of a sudden NOW he is scared?
      now he has this revelation?
      he has said this every time.
      its the same story with this dude.
      cut it out and read a book.

  2. He’s scared because I remember when he was being interviewed(a few years ago) he claimed he never wore the same pair of underwear twice.He said he has a new pair for each day.Now his ass must wear the same pair or go without and I guess he chose to go commando.

    Some wear there’s a dump filled with nothing but day-old underwear worn only once by Chris.

  3. What Chris Brown really needs is a big guy named Bubba to really give it to him and I bet he will stop acting like a damn fool.
    That would be cool if Chris B. was like in that scene in OZ where he have to be somebody’s bitch to protect himself. Then the guy tell him to lick the spoon and he does so seductively then the guy tell him to put the spoon in his ass. And the guy fucked him with the spoon.

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