two black queens are coming together for the culture.
kerry washington and viola davis.
in a move that may confuse my tail,
it looks like a cross over is on the way.
“scandal” meets “how to get away with murder”.
olivia pope meets annalise keating.
it all started with these social media teasers both actresses posted today…

…then shonda rhimes confirmed:

..and then this was me at the end of it:


ima get a fade once i get up from off the floor.
i’m confused as to how this is gonna work tho.
how would these two even meet?
one is a fixer in the political world of dc.
the other is a banished lawyer over in pa.
how would their paths even cross?
i guess that’s the magic of tv.
i’ll allow it because this is gonna be an iconic moment.
i hope it’s written well and it allows olivia to end her last season right!
no word on when this iconic-ness airs,
but i’ll keep the foxhole posted.

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6 thoughts on “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH… SCANDAL?”

  1. There’s a whole part of politics where power and money run everything. Since Laurels dad is part of that world they will need to make a deal with Olivia who runs DC like it’s her playground.

    On the other hand, Quinn was (possibly) murdered in Olivia’s dad’s house. Olivia or Rowan will burn for that, and Quinn probably had a backup plan in case she died. Olivia will need to juggle both cases be Laurel’s dad is pretty much more powerful than the Texas senator who was in involved in the Cytron explosion. Laurels dad’s hitman is possibly an ex-B613 asset( there’s many ways to play with a good killer ) and could hire others which would be an issue for Olivia because she also needs to deal with Quinn’s possible murder. Annalise provides the experiment with How to Get Away with Murder in the legal context whereas Olivia avoids it completely.

  2. Well I dont watch neither of the those hoes. So, I walk away unbothered! lol

  3. I nearly died when I saw the tweets from both of the them!!!! I love both shows and would not miss them for anything!!! This will be EPIC TELEVISION!!!

  4. Shonda Rhimes is a very good TV writer and producer and so I think that it should be interesting. I must say, however, that this, the final season of Scandal, has been disappointing. So “Analise Keating Goes to Washington” might be a big dud. She might just make a short cameo there. Time will tell.

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