I Want To Have A Ton of Cubs and Live Off The System (I’ve Decided!)

even fonting that title made my anxiety flare up.
it’s reality for some of these she-hyenas tho.
they don’t want no job like the rest of us,
so they decided:

Ima live off the system”

they end up getting knocked up,
a couple times,
and letting welfare be their employment.
child support,
if they lucky.
well everyone meet angel adams of tampa.
she is known as the “welfare queen” and has 17 cubs.
she feels entitled and thinks someone needs to pay for her life.
a vix-bi sent me the story via mto.

You are not going to believe this. Angel Adams – the woman who said on National TV that “Someone has to pay for her kids” is back in the news.

There have been some changes in her life. First, she recently got married – and she has two MORE kids, totaling 17.

Angel and her husband face eviction (can’t pay rent, lights and water) for nonpayment in three months for $600.

Once again Angel is saying that somebody has to take care of her kids.

Her new husband is just as bad as she is – he doesn’t want to work a job and feels he doesn’t have to. He believes that it’s the government’s job.

Angel says ays her kids are hungry, afraid, cold, can’t function in school and aren’t doing very well.

But she maintains her children are a gift from God and wants more kids.

good to see where our tax dollars are going!
it’s clear she has a mental illness.
the new hubby is a deadbeat who is also suffering a mental illness.
these welfare rats better hope trump don’t ever cut their funding.
they gonna be pretty FUCKED and not in the way they’d imagine.

this whole situation is pretty disgusting tho.
i see some mothers out here are working one job,
no help from their baby favvah,
and having to be both parents to one cub.
i can’t even imagine 17.
that blows my mind.
angel is the broke version of angelina jolie.
i can’t deal.
i hope she gets her shit together,
but she probably won’t.
i’m almost wishing they’d throw her ass in jail for a deadly uterus,
but her cubs will be out of a parent and be scattered about the system.
all a mess.

article cc: mto

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Want To Have A Ton of Cubs and Live Off The System (I’ve Decided!)”

  1. What an idiot. Pittiful. Outrageous. Shameful. She should be beat with the ugly stick.

    Children are a gift from God but since you get the gift, you get to pay for them! And you do your children a disservice if you have them like she did! Her actions are or are tantamount to child abuse.

  2. I hate to say it, but they MIGHT end up in a better home if they were to end up in the system, but I’m sure these kids have issues like ADHD or perhaps worse.
    You can bet CPS is gonna be involved now, especially when you talking about you’re homeless. Some people don’t need to procreate, they really don’t.
    As bad as some people who actually want kids to take care of, and can’t have them…you have CHARACTERS like these “raising” kids. She’s a cum-dump, and THIS baby daddy is a damn idiot. I swear, our young women need to educate themselves on life outside the hood. They will get so much further in life if they leave the hood wolves/mamas boys alone!

  3. I have a strong dislike for people like this. At the end of the day, the children are the ones suffering. This woman had all those kids and cannot take care of them or give them the very best in life. What is the point of living off of the system if you cannot enjoy it tho? All the money she gets is going to the kids regardless. Ugh

  4. Well. They can’t sterilize her. And she does in fact qualify for welfare. However she definitely has a mental issue. There are some women who have babies because they like babies. Not big ass back talking ass kids. So that could be the case. This is really sad. All those beautiful kids too. This is going to no doubt affect them.

  5. Strange world we live in…”God” gives you all these things for free, and “Man” isists that you work for it to have these things that were “given” to humanity (I’m talking about nature, not iPhones..😐). “A man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.” More ancient Judeo slave master wisdom eh?

    I see a trade off here, she’s living off of the system, but her kids will become a part of the system through lack of education or in a jailhouse. Prisoners get taxed too and most of the governments main money comes from personal taxes. In some places, inmates can’t make money while in jail but they still may be charged with a “pay to stay” tax and even “rent”.

    It’s often hard for them to find employment after release and many go back to the system while the “free” individuals still support the system.

  6. First, let’s be clear, white people do this same shit and have for many generations.

    They love to make black people the face of welfare lol

    Shit like this is where I fall on the more conservative side of things.

    Most of the world is living paycheck to paycheck but at least going to work while others are on welfare, getting tons of food stamps, getting housing basically paid for, and getting SSI checks for everyone in the household for disabilities they don’t have.

    If no one knew the state where I live in can’t even take child support out of their SSI checks either so they can have as many kids as they want and not support them.

    Meanwhile my grandmother can’t even get $50 in foodstamps a month.

    I know its a slippery slope, but sometimes I think taking away reproductive rights would rectify a lot of things.

  7. This gives me loads of anxiety. Imagine trying to know the whereabouts of 17 kids at all time. Or even know their names, interests, progress.

    Jesus, these poor babies do not deserve this mess. I hurt for them.

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