Craig Sager Gets Dragged Out His Grave For His Fuck Boi Ways

even in the grave,
some males are still haunting with their fuck boi ways.
craig sager happens to be one of them.
i know craig from his days of being a reporter for the nba.
he was known for his very loud and ugly suits,
but he was also known for being pretty good.
no horror stories about him in the media.
when he passed away in 2016 from leukemia,
everyone spoke so highly of him.

it was sad because he was such a known “good” person.
come to find out,
all his shit was spilled today and it seems he was a demon.
according to his son,
he left his cubs out his will and left all his estate to his new wife.
these are the tweets that exposed him today…

his son:

 craig jr’s ex chimed in:

…and his sister kacy had a lot to font as well:

kacy even wrote the truth about her father and step mother via yahoo sports:

On Wednesday, his sister Kacy Sager released a statement that answered those questions and made crystal clear how she feels about her stepmother, Stacy Sager.

Kacy paints an ugly picture surrounding the death of her late father, beloved TNT sports reporter Craig Sager, who died of leukemia in December 2016.

She details a story of how her father and stepmother started an affair while Craig was still married to her mother, accuses her stepmother of preventing her from seeing her dying father during his last days and accuses Stacy of excluding her brother from being involved in family matters despite his twice donating bone marrow to his father.

Kacy slammed a piece that Stacy wrote for The Players’ Tribune about her love affair with Craig for ignoring that they started their relationship while Craig was still married.

You see, when your version of reality is so riddled with delusion and revisionist bulls*** and conveniently selective amnesia being the good guy often hinges on your ability to label others as evil,” Kacy wrote.

“It’s why she poured her saccharine nonsense into that Players’ Tribune piece, telling the world about their epic courtship, all while neglecting to mention that he was married throughout it.”

She also appears to be really set off by people attacking her brother for a moment of public honesty about the estate.

“I refuse to keep my mouth shut when uniformed ***holes try to diminish my brother’s character or accomplishments,” Kacy’s statement reads. “He specifically said he never wanted to contest the will, and a few miserable s***bricks still accused him of only caring about the money. It’s false and gross, and they should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a total stranger for a moment of honesty.”

i learned so much about folks,
family and non,
when my parent’s died.
when my mother died,
her “alleged” friends came in my crib and took her stuff.
they claimed they were all “promised” shit before her death.
those bitches weren’t even there when she was dying.
i did catch one of them on the street years later and dragged her ass.
once someone close dies,
you become broke,
or you get sick is the biggest truth tellers.

it’s a shame all of this has come out about craig sager tho.
i believe in karma and it’ll pay the step mom a nice visit.
i hope they can all move forward and get the closure they need.

lowkey: males will fuck their entire family over for new pussy.
it’s a damn shame.

article cc: yahoo sports

3 thoughts on “Craig Sager Gets Dragged Out His Grave For His Fuck Boi Ways

  1. That’s why pineapples can talk all the shit they want about black women being golddiggers but these white women will take the whole estate with no guilt lol.

    Probably couldn’t wait for him to bite the dust lol

  2. I have seen this situation happen before with my uncle and grandparents from people lying about being promised land to vehicles, while family is still morning. Also, you do not bring this up at a funeral while the person is being buried. I had to politely grab an individual and escort him to his car and let him know he was lying and right now is not the time.

  3. This shit hit so close to home and made me think of my Uncle’s new wife who got everything after he died and cut his children off. I can feel Sager’s kid about this bitch because that’s how I feel about this woman. His wife is so disingenuous and phony that I want to literally slap this Bitch when I see her. I truly will not go around if she is going to be around to keep the peace because I will turn the family function out. I think this bitch did some fraudulent shit because my Uncle was really sick when he supposedly wrote his Last Will and I dont believe he would have intentionally left his kids out of the Will like the final document showed. So happy my parents had an iron-clad Will before they passed away, it saved us money, grief and heartache in the end. You can not wait until you are sick to start taking care of your business and sadly many black people do not legally take care of business at all. These step parents dont give a damn about biological children after the spouse dies, only looking out for their own self interest. If anyone has children reading this, take care of them while you are still healthy and in your right mind to prevent situation like this.

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