So I Watched The First Episode of #LHHMIA And…

as you know,
or didn’t,
but my reality show has been lifted.
my ratchet side wants more triflin’ entertainment for 2018.
so i snuck and watched the first episode of “love and hiphop miami” today.
of course,
i jotted down my thoughts as i watched…

– why is trick daddy looking like a Haitian pastor in this loud suit?
amara la negra is what my idea of “exotic” looks like
shay “whatever her last name is” – still a thing?
– when pleasure p stepped out of that car, i had to muffle my laugh at work.
– do we need a pretty rickey reunion?
– they all been eating good; spectacular looks the same

– this really shows how racist some hispanics can be
– never heard of trina’s cousin and he already turning out to be messy af
typical ratchet gay hyena with the entitlement and the attitude

– i love trina. I hear she is very sweet. never heard a bad thing about her
gunplay looks dusty; his hair looks like one long ass dust bunny
it’s also pushing his hairline back

his girl has the fattest tail ever!!! is that real?!
– remember when spectacular challenged the r&b wolves to a strip off?

shay talking like pleasure p is really poppin out here
she going hard for what?

– I swear when hyenas start fighting on reality tv, i start laughing so loud
– maybe trina ain’t supporting because he is wack and toxic af?
trick daddy has charisma; i still wouldn’t be caught up in that spell tho
– to bad that sexy dude is dating that toxic trash that is trina cousin
water seeks its own level tho

i’ll be tuning in.
i’m sold.
it’s fluff nonsense i can add along with my real programming.
it’s a shame lhhny couldn’t keep up.
i didn’t even tune in for james r.
maybe that’s a good thing he wasn’t ruined by seeing him on there.
so i gotta ask the foxhole…

What are your thoughts on #LHHMIA?

if you didn’t watch:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “So I Watched The First Episode of #LHHMIA And…”

  1. For everybody who keep on asking why Trick face look like that is because he has Lupus, he said doesn’t want to take the chemo or the medicine for it. You are so wrong for that spectacular gif 😂😂. I honestly thought I was going to like Bobby but a Queen is what a Queen is but he actually is talent in my opinion. Amara is my preseason favorite she can’t doing nothing wrong in my eyes. They going in on Young Hollywood ol Dimitri Lousteau from sly cooper looking ass but people act Latinos aren’t one most racists people in the world.

  2. All your points tho Jamari! One thing is I’m tired of seeing 1. Black people fighting and throwing drinks on tv and also why do they always get the messy queens to represent us on tv like where are all the cools gays at? The bad thing is people see guys like Bobby and think all gays are like that 😩

  3. Mona’s exploits have done it again! I watched it today too and was sold. Especially Bobby for the shenanigans and Amara because she is stunning. Trick and Trina are legends nuff said. 3/4 of Pretty Rickey look like blowfish. I bet this and the second season will be good and then the luster will where off. Then a new city chosen, wash, rinse, repeat.

      1. Nah. They came here to Houston trying to instigate fake beef and shit got real!

        Too many men and women here with bad tempers and no fucks to give.

    1. Glad that it’s not just these shows though. I like to see when The Housewives from the various cities go at it too. NJ is ratchet as hell! Saw a “greatest hits” on Youtube.
      Mob Wives was off the chain as well. LOL

  4. The only bright spot on the show is Amara La Negra and Trina, the rest of the cast is complete trash. Bobby is doing the absolute most. He would irritate the shit out of me.

  5. Amara is a dime.
    Bobby makes me SICK ugh. LOSER.
    I want to see more of Prince.. I used to follow him on the gram years ago so it’s interesting to see what he will be like on TV.
    Shay is annoying, bye.
    Pretty Ricky? LMAO. And yes I remember that cringey Spectacular video where he challenged Bow WOw, Chris Brown, Omarion etc. to “strip dance” and he got DRUGGG throughout the internet for being “gay”.
    Don’t care for Trick, his attitude on social media over the past few years has been repugnant. Trina is my girl.
    Hollywood and the rest of his colorist latino bunch need to drink some clorox .

  6. That scene with Amara and Pleasure P is exactly the problem with the “being too sensitive” narrative.

    This season is better than others but Mona knows how to pull the wool over our eyes with great first episodes. I bet the rest of the season will die down alot and most of us aren’t even gonna look forward to the reunion. Maybe i’m just desensitized by all the ratchet TV by this point…

  7. I’ll go down the list of this show

    first off Amara is GOOOOOOOORGEOUS AF like and she’s 27, but damn she’s fiiine like she’s basically what I would hope exoticaal would be but I guess not. That young hollywood dude that told her she can’t be fancy w/ that afro yet has tattoos on his entire face almost…..

    Trina is a trooper for dealing w/ that cousin in the way that she did because he was doing alot almost too much for tv

    The cousin’s man is a look but he choose that for tv or whatever I guess…..

    Gunplay looks like he needs to meet a bottle of lotion just once or twice and then somebody needs to treat his hair cause it looks like it’s struggling

    highlights and lowlights everybody else meh

    p.s. I’m glad that veronica vega is a guest star and not in the lead cause I remember she did a song where she said nigga repeatedly and I don’t know if she’s even close to black or in the same neighborhood as black. I honestly don’t care for her anyways cause she seems like she’s forgettable.

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