Are You Going To Give This Dick Away To Anyone Else?

rosary-beadsi hope when god blesses me with a great wolf.
i want the typical things like loyalty,
but i hope he always turns me on.
i can’t get with just anyone and be happy.
i would cheat on that poor fella like it was nothin.
at least i’m honest.
i want that “olivia and fitz/scandal type bond”

their chemistry turns me on.
as dysfunctional as that is,
he loves her.
the way he looks at her when she walks in a room.
it’s like time stops.
he is attracted to everything about her.
i nearly exploded watching that episode…

i want my wolf as freaky as i am.
willing to try freaky things in the bed with me.
i want to always turn him on.
i want him to always turn me on.
i want to always explore different things with him.
i don’t want some prude.
someone who thinks freaky is fuckin with the lights on.
i hate those types.
i always attract them.
i have yet to meet my match.
for some odd reason,
i’m getting into domination.
i never really was before.
it turns me on to make some cocky nigga my bitch in the bed,
throwing his legs in the air,
suckin his dick from the back.
slobbering on his balls and gooch.
watching him scream and run from my mouth.
asking him if he would ever give this dick away?
will you?
i didn’t hear you muthafucka?
that’s right.
don’t make me ask again.
driving him crazy would drive me crazy.
insane even.
i want that.
i need that.
to get that means you have to “earn” me.
i don’t just do that with a question mark.
i don’t give the good stuff to a question mark.
watching olivia say she wants him to “earn” her:

“you want me?

tumblr_mg8k4wjZUA1qiz88qo2_250thats what i’m saying!!!!
earn me doesn’t mean you bought me.
you buy me nice things and are never there.
earn me means you fought for me.
you made it known to me that you want me.
i didn’t have to guess.
no questions.
you didn’t treat me like what you are use too.
you came and you just took it.
where is the fight?
the big throw down?
oh that’s right.
it went out the window when people stopped having class.
when meaningless sex became easier to get like mcdonalds at 3am.
well i am not a toy that you can play with when you’re bored,
or lonely,
or horny.
i am not the fox the wolf gets at the end of the movie.
I am not a fantasy.
i am a reality.
the reality.
turn me on.

x scandal “a woman scorned”

18 thoughts on “Are You Going To Give This Dick Away To Anyone Else?

  1. Jay Hush!!! Lmbo We were vibin to a good info session.. Even though that is absolutely true, Money is my primary motivation so is love.

    Jamari, we all know love is a complicated thing and I see that you are trying to make an effort to be more social and available to guys. That’s awesome dude, because that’s the first step now, I challenge you to live in it, be it, clearly you are already desirable so flaunt it, embrace your booty and beauty. Lls

  2. i was on the chat sites.
    wasnt there.
    i go out and dudes are starting to notice me.
    i don’t know if ive bloomed or something,
    but i’m getting more attention as of late.
    i’m doing what i have to do.
    i’m putting myself out there.
    believe me.
    all i can do is just write out my fantasies and keep on looking for him.

    1. When you say you’re getting more attention… does that mean guys are asking for your number? Are they wanting to get to know you? Are they being proactive and taking the initiative? Please explain what you mean.

    2. And when you see him out and about, and you will–GO UP TO HIM and SPEAK–and watch happens.

      You’ll be on your back (or he’ll be on his, since you are into that) in no time flat.

      Get the ball rolling now, you’ll be licking balls later.

      Being passive ain’t it. Sometimes you gotta feel them out so you can feel them up later.

      On the other hand. Fantasies and dreams can be dangerous.
      There are very few mind readers in the world with your best intentions–the ones that can read your mind immediately turn out to be sociopaths. They are out here selling fantasies and the price is your life.

  3. How many years have I told yall to stop putting dick on a pedestal and go and get your man.

    It’s painful now that you don’t get to see the type of relationships you want as men out there in the media, but once you are in a relationship you get to write, and then live out, your own script.

    It’s gets better, and/or freakier, depending on your tastes, mainly because it’s never been done before.

    You don’t have to pattern your life like anybody else. You can pull from many sources but the dynamic between two men it’s just going to be different. Period.

    This .’earn me’ stuff is made for TV. Cute for ratings, but not so much in real life. Side-chicks and hopeless romantics will stay losing following that model.

    Stop fishing for compliments and focus on being a complement. Learn the differences. Cut out the bullshit and get your man.

  4. How long are we going to continue to wish and hope and think and pray and plan and dream for a good wolf to come along? How much longer will we remain in the same place romantically? How many more of OTHER PEOPLE’S romances will we post and discuss and imagine could be us one day? How many more unavailable/heterosexual wolves will we look at and lust after? HOW MANY MORE YEARS WILL WE HAVE THE SAME DISCUSSIONS???

    …. Before we finally get tired of it?

    Because its getting redundant.

    1. ^so we stop hoping?
      when someone says that want to be a singer,
      stock broker,
      but it seems to hard or unrealistic,
      do they give up?
      or do they fight?
      keep hope alive?
      stay optimistic?
      i want a big love.
      maybe i want something that everyone says is not possible.
      i get frustrated.
      i vent.
      this is what this outlet is for.
      i felt creative.
      i wont give up.
      hell peanut got what he wanted.
      made me a believer because for a while,
      i closed myself off from it.

      1. Honestly, its getting frustrating. There hasnt been much growth in this arena in this realm as it pertains to this topic. We talk about this over and over, yada yada optimism yada yada dont put dick on a pedastal. Its the same reoccuring posts and responses. We have to move on from this and try a whole new way of thinking. A whole new way of going about a romantic life because what we’re doing isnt working.

        Where are we going out and saying hello to strangers? Where are we putting ourselves out there to try our luck? Where are the posts about actually MEETING men and subsequently DATING men? We seem to be stuck here in this realm of jpeg images on dot coms of men who exist but arent in our social circles or immediate areas. Yeah sure, peanut got her man…. what did she do to get it? How does her situation change the fact that we have yet to come close to what she may or may not have?

        You wanna be a singer? Go on stage and perform. You wanna be a dancer? Learn basic techniques and go to auditions. You want to be a dentist, lawyer, stock broker, astronaut?? Enroll in a college and earn those degrees!!! There needs to be an element of proactive choices. Posting pictures and links and posts about what we would LIKE to be our reality is great for entertainment purpose but it has yet to change any of our romantic lives. We’ve had posts like this very same one many times before.

  5. That was the quote of the night…damn good show..speak ms. olivia pope and Jamari…

  6. I just thought of something. Are y’all Foxes willing to fight for us Wolves? Y’all ain’t better than us, we are both equal. Just sayin.

      1. I don’t mean just emotionally. I’m talkin about all of it.

        If I get in a fight, I just don’t want you to stand there like a female and watch me get my ass beat, I want you to help me.

        If you like me I want you to tell me, not sit there and wait for me to come to you.

        If we have a disagreement, I shouldn’t have to be the one to say something first.

        I feel like Foxes put all the weight on our shoulders. Y’all carrying 10 pound bricks, while we’re carrying 100 pound one. It’s a two way street not one.

        1. ^first off…

          if you in a fight,
          i’m throwing down.
          even if we lose,
          i’m gonna do the best i can.
          although i would encourage you to walk away because fighting solves nothing.
          these hood boogers kill.

          ya’ll damn wolves need to be more clear.
          stop playing this duck duck goose shit.
          one minute you sniffin up our ass.
          the next you acting anti social.

          i am usually over shit quick.
          i gets it in with the argument.
          sometimes i just need my space.
          get cho ass out for the night.
          let me listen to some music and relax.
          the sight of you may make it worse.

          what trumps this whole thing:
          we taking that dick.
          it hurts.
          we put our big boy undies on and be ya’ll nasty ass muhafucka.
          we win.

  7. Men fight for what they really want period.
    The problem is men don’t know what they want these days.

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