Fitz, aka Tony Goldwyn, Shares His Own Sexual Harassment Scandal

damn fitz…
it’s really good to see the male victims speaking up.
the floodgates have been opened.
so fitz,
aka tony goldwyn,
is speaking out about his own sexual harassment story.
he showed loved to lupita for her bravery on twitter:

…and opened up to “access hollywood” about his own story.
this is what he shared on the red carpet of the 2017 glsen respect awards
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Look Bitch!

bitch__wallpaper__by_hardii-d59s5zv last night’s scandal completely blew me away.
i want to focus on the one thing that gave me the inspiration to write this.
if you haven’t watched it yet,
watch it ( x here ).
if you have then…
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Are You Going To Give This Dick Away To Anyone Else?

rosary-beadsi hope when god blesses me with a great wolf.
i want the typical things like loyalty,
but i hope he always turns me on.
i can’t get with just anyone and be happy.
i would cheat on that poor fella like it was nothin.
at least i’m honest.
i want that “olivia and fitz/scandal type bond”

their chemistry turns me on.
as dysfunctional as that is,
he loves her.
the way he looks at her when she walks in a room.
it’s like time stops.
he is attracted to everything about her.
i nearly exploded watching that episode…

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I Have Found Myself Involved In A Scandal…..

i don’t know if you guys watch,
but this show is absolutely brilliant.
i urge you all you to check out the first episode because you’ll be hooked.

after watching last night’s episode,
i couldn’t stop thinking about it.
i love the dynamic between the president and olivia.
they have the most amazing chemistry.

it literally slaps you in your face as you watch them on-screen.

i want this kind of chemistry

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