I Have Found Myself Involved In A Scandal…..

i don’t know if you guys watch,
but this show is absolutely brilliant.
i urge you all you to check out the first episode because you’ll be hooked.

after watching last night’s episode,
i couldn’t stop thinking about it.
i love the dynamic between the president and olivia.
they have the most amazing chemistry.

it literally slaps you in your face as you watch them on-screen.

i want this kind of chemistry

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0zY6yWvydA]

when he say get out the car,
i’m looking at him like he is crazy as hell….
….as i get out the car.

“i dunno who the fuck he think he is talking too…
like this…
but you know what?
ima get out this damn car…”


couple things from last night’s episode:

  • didn’t see that twist coming.
  • i love kerry washington.
  • thorngate does exsist.
  • i love how this show is produced by a black woman. shonda rhimes is a beast.
  • how sexy is the president?
  • when they kissed on that tree…. damn.
  • huck is ride or die. i always respect someone who goes hard like that.
  • mellie is not the bad guy… but we just don’t like her.
  • glad quinn stuck up for herself.
  • that’s quinn bitch” LOL.
  • speaking of quinn, does she remind you of rachel berry from glee?
  • good to see columbus short get some work.

can’t wait for next week’s episode!

lowkey: this show is so good,
i would love a scene on this show.

10 thoughts on “I Have Found Myself Involved In A Scandal…..

  1. I have been watching since the premiere. It is absolutely addictive, and I love the cast. They made great choices. I hope Harrison gets to do more.

  2. Never watched this show, but I have never heard a bad review about it. Heard it will get you hooked, I purposely do not watch TV shows for this very reason, because I dont want to have to plan my life around a TV show(lol)

  3. I’ve been with Scandal since day one. The chemistry btw Olivia and the president is unparalleled. You can tell he is deeply in love and she is trying to hold back. The only thing that gets in the way is he is a leader and he can’t be caught in a “scandal”.
    The red head gets on my last damn nerve. I’ve wanted to slap her since day one. And the only reason that guy slept with her was to get more info on Olivia and Quinn’s case. He used her. Also Columbus Columbus Columbus, every time I see him in his suit I wanna take him down. I remember in the first season they used to show his cakes a lot but now his jacket covers them. Also Kerry washington needs a golden globe nomination for her performance. She was brilliant in last nights ep.

    1. ^this is a good show!
      i’m so hooked every week at clockwork,
      i’m in front of the television.
      they all need to be awarded for making this show so brilliant.

  4. I watch the show from last season, loved it. Yes! Kerry is amazing in this show and Shonda is indeed a BEAST.

    S/N: Shonda just teamed up with Issa Rae for a show that Rae created on youtube.

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