You’re Use To A Mean Asshole

tumblr_static_twitterthey say energy is contagious.
i believe it.
i feel like we pass energy to each other daily.
you ever met someone who was just always “happy”?
you know those “people”.
they’re the ones that can see sun beams through thick rain clouds.
life could be a fuckin’ mess,
shit could be on the way up to the fan,
but somehow they see the positive in it all.
nothing ever seems to upset them.
they are the people we are “supposed” to be like.
they mastered the art of “killing people with kindness”.
the ones we have to emulate so we can make other people comfortable.
what is with this need that we’re supposed to make people comfortable anyway?
just a thought.
well i had to wonder…

Is it strange when someone is actually happy?
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Don’t Take Me Being Nice For Weakness

tumblr_mfc1hnEA9p1rs4vzjo1_500i’m starting to realize that…
one of the greatest weapons you can posses is being nice.
you read right.
i’m actually saying this.
for a long time,
i thought being “the asshole” was better.
you know those types.
i’ve witnessed people bowing down to those who were mean and nasty.
its hard not to think you have to become that to gain respect.
well guess what?
it takes experiencing something to see that it’s not what you want…
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Look Bitch!

bitch__wallpaper__by_hardii-d59s5zv last night’s scandal completely blew me away.
i want to focus on the one thing that gave me the inspiration to write this.
if you haven’t watched it yet,
watch it ( x here ).
if you have then…
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I Got More Where That Came From (IDGAF)

tumblr_m4xntsLb691r02o0go1_400“well you should at least be somewhat over it by now.”

say the fuck what?
when i say i cussed my “friend” the fuck out last night?
all while listening to “take me to the king” on repeat.
he had to hang up the phone on me.
i called back and it went to voice mail.

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I Hate Stupid Fuckin’ Assholes Like This!

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.19.57 PMi swear….
twitter has made people lose all common sense.
this can’t be real life and all for a j cole retweet

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It Smells Like “Eau de Toilette: Le Side Hoe” In Here


i had a feeling it was too good to be true.
thank god i been there before.
was way too sexual,
said all the right sexual things,
only wanted to meet to try something sexual.
whatchu think?

i didn’t come this far to be “the dumb bitch” now right?…

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