It Smells Like “Eau de Toilette: Le Side Hoe” In Here


i had a feeling it was too good to be true.
thank god i been there before.
was way too sexual,
said all the right sexual things,
only wanted to meet to try something sexual.
whatchu think?

i didn’t come this far to be “the dumb bitch” now right?…

so that astro-wolf turned out to be an astr-hole.
an very attractive astr-hole,
but an obvious one at that.
yes he had this career shit,
and too some i’m sure that would be a factor,
but he turned out to be someone who just wasn’t for me.
not only that,
he was already with someone!!!!
i received this text from an unknown number last week:

text 1: “who is this textin __________”
text 2: “oh u not gonna answer?”
text 3: “i just want to talk 2 u”

i didn’t reply.
could be a fox or vixen for all i know.
shit i didn’t know people still went through phones and text stalked.
something was up with him because he would never hit me up in the day.
it was always at night around or well after booty call hour.

“you up?”… text at 1:30am.
“yo what you doing?”…another text at 00:00am.
“i want to come over”… another text at 3:00 am.

when we did talk on the phone,
he was always pressuring me to come over to “give me a massage“.
i didn’t know i wanted one?
he also wanted a massage in return.
he wanted to come over one morning before work to get a massage.
again, when did i ask for these massages?
the conversation always went into these long drawn out convos about sex.
never really about getting to know me.
i know more about him in one phone call.
when he finally decided to ask me something about myself,
he asked me what position makes me cum the most?


but that’s besides the point.
all the antics made me stop replying to his random texts.
i was over it.
we had nothing in common besides fuckin’.
hell i don’t know what we had in common to be honest.
if it started on pure hardcore fuckin,
where did i think it would end at?
i told him when we first spoke that i wanted to move slow.
  at least get to know him better.
he lied and said he wanted that and then in text the next night,
gon’ ask me if i keep my ass clean for surprise sex?

too bad he will never know.
on to the next one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “It Smells Like “Eau de Toilette: Le Side Hoe” In Here”

  1. sometimes 1 night stand blossom into a relationship of love , it be like that sometimes *i’m a witness*

  2. Wow, well Jamari what did u expect when you start with sex there isn’t much to know about him. Let this be a lesson learned about givin the milk away befor the cow or how ever that saying hoes lol. As far as that person who texted you ya know smart phones are very crafty nowadays

  3. Wow… That happened to me once, I started talkn to a wolf I met a class I took. he was real nice until some chick text me saying leave her husband alone. I didnt know the wolf was married with kids. Thank God I didnt sleep with him. Some of these dudes out here have ulterior motives… You gotta be careful.

  4. Yea he was an ass lol. I do not want to be with a person who wants me for sex or the way I look. I hate that shit.

    After talking with a dude for at least a few weeks, I like to give them a test to find out how they really feel about me and what they want from me. Here is how you tell. Ask them to name five things they like about you, yes five, and their answers cannot be related with looks or anything sexual, eyes and smile are acceptable. Now for some of y’all that is a test that will take all day. The line has to be drawn, I will not entertain a person if they only want sex, I will find out one way or another.

    1. ^good idea.
      i’ll try that with the next wolf.

      i didn’t want to write about astro-wolf so fast because i was mad.
      i needed to calm down to get my thoughts together.
      if i wrote it earlier,
      the entry would have been cursing him the fuck out i’m sure.

      1. You cannot give a dude a test like that unless you have been talking to him for at least 3 weeks tho, and it should be given before sex. When two people want to get to know each other they should not have sex for at least one month(would say three but that may be too long lol), and that may be too soon if the person is sending mixed signals about how they feel.

    2. Man…you are smart. people always label me difficult when I ask what it is that they like about me. most are like, “uhhhhhh, you just so sexy. Yo smile. You just sexy.” that ish is so lame. If you weren’t a fellow wolf, I would cuff you. your comment is the type of talk/convo that make me perk up. Lol

      1. LOL. Yea, that is lame. I wish a dude would tell me that he likes me cause I’m sexy, I’d lay him out. I recognize that whenever people compliment me it’s basically about my looks. I like your hair, dimples, lips and etc. I like all that cause it sounds good, but I hate it because I feel that is all people want and like me for. I have more to offer than looks and sex. If I just happened to get into a freak accident tomorrow and damaged my face so bad that it was irreversible, I wonder if people would still like me even though I am still the same on the inside.

  5. SMDH……These days his # would have been unused and forgotten. If you can’t text me in the day time or hold a decent conversation for starters, it’s a wrap for me.

    You did right. Nasty hoes are so damn greedy…

    1. ^sex is better when it is natural and it just happens.
      he made the thought of sex so annoying.
      then to be sloppy to have someone go through your phone and text me?!

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