I’m Bored! Let’s Rip Up 20 Dollar Bills and Flush Them Down The Toilet!

i didn’t think we still stunted in 2013.
that is so early 00s.
well adrien broner


the undefeated boxer wolf in america,
wants us to know stuntin’ is still “in”.
first it was this video of him at the strip club:

damn near about to fuck the bitch on the floor.
now it is this video of him flushing 20s down the toilet…

absolutely not.
does he realize those twenties actually make 100 dollars?
i hate when people do dumb shit like this.
instead of taking those twenties,
bringing them to a charity,
and helping someone in need
(which would boost his celebrity TWENTY fold)
this dumb ass
flushes it down the toilet.
this is real new money adrien.
although something inside thinks you ripped up fake bills.
unless you are a walking sped patient,
i’m hoping that something inside is right.

lowkey: hanging tough with floyd is such a bad influence.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I’m Bored! Let’s Rip Up 20 Dollar Bills and Flush Them Down The Toilet!”

  1. Nigga must think that shit grow on a tree somewhere. Hell that $60 he ripped up is fuckin gas money if he don’t want it ill take it. S/N How the hell you say “if it ain’t Ben or Franklin I thought it was the same person?!?!

  2. I think he’s cute and I liked how his print was showing… but he’s a dumb ass nigga, I know it would be mad easy to get the cash w/o doing much… I would rob his ass blind if I was that kind.

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