anxiety keeps my head in a toilet

i never use to have anxiety before.
but i remember when it all started.
it was with this one demon boss that i had back in like 2009.
i’d go to life with regular butterflies in my stomach.
after her crazy ass,
once my anxiety would reach it’s maximum…

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foXXX: Hard Pipe Over Diarrhea Splatter

tumblr_mtdl0862p51rfou0fo1_r1_1280would you have sex in the club over a toilet that looks like that?
well these two crazy ratchets did at oz nightclub in st. louis!
check it out (kinda sorta nsfw and 18^):

x click here to see ratchet at it’s finest

when you’re horny all logic goes out the window?
or down the toilet in this case.
i think she was drunk and they met for the first time.
just a hunch.
well on the positive…

he was tearin it up with a condom on.
on the negative…
i think ima be sick.


My Poor Booty Hole

broken-bed_31395360let’s talk about fuckin’.
i wanted to fuck last week.

i wanted to fuck my grief away.
i wanted to get fucked so hard,
i would see stars that star fox would appear before me.
even if his ex wanted to fuck,
i would have turned it down.
the one time i wanted to get my ass handed to me,
i couldn’t do anything because i had a little problem.

as a fox,
we know this problem all too well.
it can come from a multiple of sources,
but once it happens,
you are pretty much left with sitting it out or using your mouth.
you already guessed.
the hemorrhoid.
the ultimate pain in our ass.
no matter how small or fat our butt cheeks are,
ain’t nothing worst than that.
we are like family so “tmi” in advanceā€¦

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I’m Bored! Let’s Rip Up 20 Dollar Bills and Flush Them Down The Toilet!

i didn’t think we still stunted in 2013.
that is so early 00s.
well adrien broner


the undefeated boxer wolf in america,
wants us to know stuntin’ is still “in”.
first it was this video of him at the strip club:

damn near about to fuck the bitch on the floor.
now it is this video of him flushing 20s down the toilet…

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