iSPY: The Thick Wolf Taking A Dump


unless you are into poop play,
i don’t find this remotely sexy at all.
so i saw the following come down my tumblr timeline.
it’s an ispy that was recorded in a public bathroom


tumblr_inline_mhwq0iucya1rdcplothe fact he is taking a shit is not appealing at all.
i bet whoever ispyed this couldn’t wait to beat off to it.
you could just tell this was purposely done.
the wolf is thick tho.
i’d rather see him in his daily habitat.
thanks bunches.

lowkey: foxhole…
watch youself.
one day,
you could end up on the net secretly ispyed as you take a dump.

video credited: tumblr

10 thoughts on “iSPY: The Thick Wolf Taking A Dump

  1. Damn he’s built like an amazon! (The person recording though? Wtf? Niggas can’t take a shit without somebody recording? Creep mode x 10)

  2. Boy this is the age of social media. Anything for the gram or Tumblr, no matter how nasty. But did you see those thighs and that ass? He look like he was ready 😏

  3. Yeah this is the world we live in. Pineapples over here recording you on the toilet? Can’t even take a s*** w/o somebody trying to put you on the internet (w/o you even knowing)? Wow. SMH😒

  4. You’re lucky this is all you saw ..this is pretty tame compared to what i saw a couple weeks ago.. this guy was taking a poop on a chair in his room 😝… when I tell you I unfollowed that page sooooo fast!

  5. 1. Sitting directly on the toilet? Gross lol
    2. Sooo he didn’t notice dude recording when he looked back?

  6. I already knew this was gonna be the clip lol

    Yeah, recording him on the toilet screams thirst.

    He does appear thick and tall though.

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