WOLF MEAT: (439)

1452648972938everyone knows this issue.
you see someone,they’re wearing dress pants,
and their bunz are huge.
you see them in jeans or sweats and it’s gone.

Why is this?

well the owner of these bunz proved his may not be an illusion…


xt8qbnzrimesuxqegwbunz with a pole in between them.
was he sending a signal to all the wolves?
well sometimes with dress pants,
and a shirt tucked in,
can give the illusion of mega cake.
it’s that shirt in the pants that fools ya.
it’s like a wolf who wears a fitted and looks sexy af.
he takes it off and he looks like a gargoyle.
don’t be fooled.

5 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (439)

  1. Louis is right! he has what i call “almost booty” its a booty thats on the fence of bein phat but not quite “let me grab my phone an rec. Phat”

  2. Nope ass ain’t that fat. large and soft for sure but not fat. It’s just an illusion because of the way he stands that’s all. I’ve been fooled too many time, i’m a master now LoL

  3. I think it’s due to where the dress pants sit ..most of the times like this guy here it’s the natural waist ..you wear jeans an sweats lower so you don’t get the the benefits of the full “moon” lol

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