You’re Use To A Mean Asshole

tumblr_static_twitterthey say energy is contagious.
i believe it.
i feel like we pass energy to each other daily.
you ever met someone who was just always “happy”?
you know those “people”.
they’re the ones that can see sun beams through thick rain clouds.
life could be a fuckin’ mess,
shit could be on the way up to the fan,
but somehow they see the positive in it all.
nothing ever seems to upset them.
they are the people we are “supposed” to be like.
they mastered the art of “killing people with kindness”.
the ones we have to emulate so we can make other people comfortable.
what is with this need that we’re supposed to make people comfortable anyway?
just a thought.
well i had to wonder…

Is it strange when someone is actually happy?

i had to work late and karaoke was my travel buddy home.
we spent most of the conversation discussing an issue she was having.

“her happy man friend”

she was in a state of confuzzled.
she is dating a wolf who is different than the others.
this one wasn’t a two timing “asshole”.
she said to me:

he is always…
he treats me like a queen.
its so fuckin’ weird.
i think he is crazy or something…”

Gone_crazyi “got it” strange enough.
when you are use to a certain type of individual,
meeting “the opposite of the asshole” is a foreign concept.
its hard to date that person because you’re always waiting for something.
you need evidence so it’s easier to drop him.

“he doesn’t cover his mouth when he sneezes.
i can dump him!”

i started to wonder about really being happy.
is it normal to be happy 24/7?
or is it perfectly normal to be a mix of happy and “i have an attitude today”?
i try to be happy,
and i successfully accomplish it on some days,
but then some shit goes wrong and i’m in “bitch” mode.
leave me alone.
don’t talk to me.
let me process while i shut down.
large…and thats another thing!
let the new age life stans tell it,
you have to “woo-sah” and think of butterflies.
look sometimes i have to have my “moment”.
once that cloud has passed,
or i’ve vented and expressed myself
i can think again optimistically.
i can do affirmations and get back to “happy jamari”.
well i am having a hard time getting out a funk at this job.
i been on a few minutes being miserable there.
okay fine.
an hour.
is that normal?
how can you even be “happy” when you are in the middle of hell?
shit there are some people who miraculously can.
so i had to ask…

Are some people just born to be 100% happy people?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “You’re Use To A Mean Asshole”

  1. Everyone has their moments, but for the most part people should be happy in general. That’s my take on it. 99.9 percent of the time I’m happy tho lol.

    People aren’t used to meeting someone who treats them well, but when you get them you better hold on to them.

  2. I get that “you’re always happy” bullshit all the time. They have no clue I’m irritated as I reply “yeah, (LOL).”

    Ever heard the funniest, happiest people are usually sad?

  3. I don’t like when people are always happy or smile all the time because I feel like they’re laughing at some inside joke. I used to hate this one girl because she was cheesing 24/7. I used to think to myself “What the hell is she so happy about?”

    I think people who are happy all the time are on the same wavelength as people who don’t give a fuck. It’s just that one chooses to be a negative “gives no fucks” and the other is a positive “gives no fucks.” They’re happy because they just don’t let life’s downs and negative people affect their attitude. That’s just a hypothesis tho. Some people are like Patrick from SpongeBob. Certain things just don’t register in their minds. That’s why some people are constantly conned/cheated on easily. They’re probably just slow or a breakdown waiting to happen.

  4. Hi Jamari you will get your happiness back it’s just lying dormant until you reactivate . We have to surround ourselves around ppl who possess the qualities we would like to have. You are a socialmediafashiontherapist. Keep your head up!

    1. ^t!
      thank you!
      this was such a beautiful comment and that title….!
      that actually is a good example of who I am.

      thanks everyone for the comments!
      I was so tired last night,
      but I had to write this before I knocked.

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