Picture Unperfect

if this wasn’t a sign from god…
so i got an email yesterday saying every department will be taking a picture.
we all needed to come dressed nice.
the picture would go on the company’s internal website.
i guess so people will know who works in what department.
okay cool.
today i decided to rock…

white dress shirt
red tie
dark blue blazer
dark blue slacks
brown wingtip shoes
scent: the sample of terres d’hermes

tumblr_mmyygiHALa1rsc0rbo1_500gold digga era fox swagg.
i was lookin’ pretty fly.
everyone in my department also showed up looking good.
okay cool.
i was told the pictures would be taken around 10-11am.
sometime before i went to lunch.
again: okay cool.

so 10-11 hit and nothing.
went to lunch at 12,
came back,
and still nothing.
oh well.
so i go around like 3ish to go make some copies.
thing 2 was also in there:

“did you just get here?
why weren’t you in your department picture today?”

so i told her:

“i been here today!
from my knowledge,

no one took the picture.”

they did.
they actually took the picture while i was at lunch.

no one called me and said anything.
oh it’s like that?!…
oh ok then…

when i went back to my desk,
i asked liar liar why no one alerted me for the picture.
she says:

we tried to call you,
but you left for lunch…

Please_Stopthat was a lie.
my phone did not ring nor did i get a text message.
try again,
but continue…

“…there was only so much time!
you didn’t miss anything anyway.
we didn’t even want to take it.
you should have seen us.
we didn’t smile or anything…”

well i said my usual:

“aww its okay!”

…and played it off smooth.
i went back and finished my work.
kept calm and just did my thing.
maybe it was shock?
well shit i wasn’t going to cry about it.
fuck that!
i told myself that maybe it’s a good thing.
that pic was a bunch of people who are stuck together at this dead end job.
obviously i’m meant for something much greater beyond the horizon.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Picture Unperfect”

  1. They on some other type of shit. There is no reason to be upset tho, especially since you do not get along with none of them. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Your “big picture” will be bigger than theirs.

    1. ^yeah i’m holding on to that.
      then gonna make it seem like they didn’t want to take the picture.
      fuck outta here.
      i’m glad god has worked on me.

      this job has me so over it that i didn’t even care.

      1. I bet they were cheezin and smiling and everything else. I’m surprised Thing 2 didn’t call, that’s what got me. I thought y’all were cool.

  2. That sounds like something that would happen to me. Instead of coworkers it was my own family being shady and leaving me out.

    Watch liar liar flip it and say you purposely missed it because you’re not a team player.

    1. ^damn your family?
      thats worst.
      they suppose to be blood.

      i hope not.
      now THAT would make me flip.
      i’m not leaving that job unless i’m fired.
      they made that other wolf quit.
      not jamari fox.

  3. What assholes.

    In general, the occasion isn’t even that serious, but the fact that had to underhand was probably a total slap in the face. You don’t need their validation, but there is no reason that they should be acting the way they did towards you. Don’t worry, they’ll get theirs.

    Just for curiosity, is your department Administrative Support?

  4. “LESSER BEINGS”… A friend helped me come to terms with that phrase. “Most people go around pretending and doing shit to make people feel better about being less than themselves and it serves nobody. Call it when you see and leave lesser muthafuckas in their lane and drive on.”

    You’ll be glad that their only recollection of you is your back as you switch lanes.

    Onward and upward!

  5. If I were you I wouldn’t have let that great outfit go to waste I would have called up karaoke went to the nearest photo booth and had a little vogue session. Then posted it on my desk for theosr fake people to see. Lololol

  6. You are good Jamari. I would’ve pulled out my phone, pulled up the cal history and showed her that my phone did not ring while I was out to lunch. When people try to play me, I let them know I;m on to their game. That way they KNOW that if they come for you…they’d better have their I’s dotted and their T’s crossed.
    I told one co-worker once about an incident in the office, and she was like you know about that? I smiled and said of course. There’s a LOT that I know and people may think that I don’t. I made sure to tell her because she is the type to go back and tell it…and that’s just what I want. LOL

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