So Is “The Cosby Show” Ruined For You or Nah?

redpainti love “the cosby show”.
it’is the only show i can watch that puts me in a good mood.
i wanted a big family because of that show.
its a shame that bill cosby’s legacy will not be known for a legendary show.
he’ll be known for allegedly sexually assaulting vixens back in the day.
like a TON of them.
they have already pulled the show off netflix and tv land.
its a shame really.
i will be honest and say that i didn’t want to believe it.
where there is smoke,
there is definitely fire.
well right now for bill,
and the rest of the cast with those monthly royalty checks,
its bout close to hell.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “So Is “The Cosby Show” Ruined For You or Nah?”

  1. From all I have heard, he offered them a drink and slipped them a ruffie and it was a wrap. Bill got one foot in the grave and now this shit is coming up, it’s no one but his own fault. I don’t need to do that to have my way, and most likely they didn’t either. Foxes, don’t ever take a drink a Wolf offers ya if you didn’t see he him pour it. Wake up busted open and not knowing what happened. Go head.

  2. I had to unfollow soooo many people defending him lol. It’s funny too that they’re all black folk. I mean a lot of people came up for this. I was in a different generation to watch the whole show and have fond memories of it, so I’m a little more objective.

  3. Question: has anybody ever heard of somebody slipping something in a guy’s drink? Years ago, a friend told me to always be careful about drinking anything were I to meet someone out and go home with that person.

      1. Yep, that’s how a lot of predators get over on women. They wake up not knowing what had happened. It’s called the date rape drug. These women said Crosby gave them pills. Number 26 came forward today. I have never heard it being done to dudes but was curious.

    1. It happens man. That is why I made that statement above. Don’t think men don’t take advantage of other men, they do.

  4. The show was okay but I didn’t really watch it as much as I watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I think the only thing upsetting Bill is that now he is unable to use his talk show appearances as a soapbox to talk trash about black people. So much for men from his generation being different. Yeah, I see.

    Once again, men in power raping instead of having sex with women that would gladly spread em. *coughDarrenSharpercough*

    1. There is a saying: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s true. Y’all think these rappers are buck wild; these high ranking power brokers make the rappers pale in comparison. My father used to tell me stories at the dinner table when I was a kid about what occurred. Operating in this milieu as an adult, I can vouch, unequivocally, you would be surprised or blown away — no pun intended.

  5. I think there is something rotten here. If they had any evidence that he did something, they would have put him in jail. What they are doing is criminal. they media trying to force him to join in on the controversy. Really, If a white woman cried rape in the 1960’s, a black man, famous or not was going to jail.

    1. Statute of limitations my man. I believe over thirty states have limitations on rape claims. Too much time has passed. These women do not want justice, they are just coming out with their story. They know it’s too late. Some of these cases occurred decades ago. One woman came out, and the floodgates just opened.

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