bill cosby really disappointed “us” out here

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ya know,
i grew up with “the cosby show”.
that was my parent’s favorite show.
it showed a black family,
with successful parents,
not being “the stereotype”.
they made me want to have cubs and get a brownstone in bk.
i wanted to be like “the huxtables” so bad.
growing up,
i’ve heard things about bill cosby throughout the years,
but of course,
you don’t want to believe it.
you don’t want to believe he was drugging and raping vixens.
you want to believe he’s “heathcliff huxtable”.
so when all his scandals that took him down happened,
and boy did they happen fast,
it was really shocking.
i found this part very sad tho…

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So Is “The Cosby Show” Ruined For You or Nah?

redpainti love “the cosby show”.
it’is the only show i can watch that puts me in a good mood.
i wanted a big family because of that show.
its a shame that bill cosby’s legacy will not be known for a legendary show.
he’ll be known for allegedly sexually assaulting vixens back in the day.
like a TON of them.
they have already pulled the show off netflix and tv land.
its a shame really.
i will be honest and say that i didn’t want to believe it.
where there is smoke,
there is definitely fire.
well right now for bill,
and the rest of the cast with those monthly royalty checks,
its bout close to hell.