bill cosby really disappointed “us” out here

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ya know,
i grew up with “the cosby show”.
that was my parent’s favorite show.
it showed a black family,
with successful parents,
not being “the stereotype”.
they made me want to have cubs and get a brownstone in bk.
i wanted to be like “the huxtables” so bad.
growing up,
i’ve heard things about bill cosby throughout the years,
but of course,
you don’t want to believe it.
you don’t want to believe he was drugging and raping vixens.
you want to believe he’s “heathcliff huxtable”.
so when all his scandals that took him down happened,
and boy did they happen fast,
it was really shocking.
i found this part very sad tho…

he is going to a whole jail for 3 – 10 years.
not even on some “celebrity” treatment center either.
he’s going to state where he’ll most likely die.
his karma came at him fast,
but i had to wonder

Couldn’t they have just put him on house arrest?

i need to stop seeing “the cosby show” with him.
i’m disgusted and saddened at this whole thing.
he’ll won’t be remembered as:

“heathcliff huxtable”
“fat albert”
or even “puddin pops”

this will be his new title going forward:

“sexually violent predator”


lowkey: am i the only one who feels disappointed in alla this?

5 thoughts on “bill cosby really disappointed “us” out here

  1. I don’t believe he is innocent. But I don’t believe that all the women are innocent either.

    And I don’t know why some folks make it seem so far-fetched for a man with a lot of power to abuse it. People will turn a blind eye for anybody in our community as long as he is a straight black man. They did the same with Meek.

    Kanye West said it best “NO MAN should have all that power”.
    Because at that point its just yes-men around you. Let Cosby be a cautionary tale for the rest of these dudes.

    Amber Rose made an extra long post dragging him and she got the hoteps PRESSED LMAO

  2. You not gonna have me believe that Bill Cosby is guilty. The media is trying to make it seem as if he is a sexual deviant. They’re throwing the terms around he’s sexually violent and he’s a rapist. They’re saying that he has the capacity to strike again like he’s the fuckin Joker terrorizing Gotham. The man is 81 and legally blind, but he’s dangerous. Who is Bill Cosby that he is/was so powerful that they wait EONS to come forward? Since when has a white woman been afraid to say that a black man has done anything to her, real or imaginary? He GAVE the woman the pills, but with an option to say no. They took this and ran with it. While I don’t believe he is guilty, he shouldn’t of stepped out on his wife. That’s what got this whole thing started.

    1. ^do you think they threw someone innocent in jail?
      this whole situation has me so fucked up.
      i’m still in shock.
      i’m surprised he didn’t cry or break down.
      he is 81,
      and being hauled off to jail.

      this whole situation has ruined his legacy even if he is innocent.
      i hope they throw the entire jail at harvey and the others.

  3. @jamari, I thought the same thing. I can understand punishment but I feel like he is taking some heat for all the men caught up in this “Time’s Up” moment.

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