it’s the ones that smoke blunts with ya… (alexis crawford)


This story disturbbbbbbbbbbed me

“friends” allegedly did this same shit to my star fox too.
it’s the story of missing alexis crawford from clark atlanta.
she’s in the above pic with the arrow on top of her head.
the she-hyena next to her,
was her college roommate.
jordyn’s hyena of a boyfriend and herself were involved in the killing of alexis.
( x read up on it here )
alexis thought they was cool but nah.
this is the last pics of her alive in a liquor store with one of the hyenas:


what disturbed me about this story…

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bill cosby really disappointed “us” out here

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Slocum/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9640100co)

ya know,
i grew up with “the cosby show”.
that was my parent’s favorite show.
it showed a black family,
with successful parents,
not being “the stereotype”.
they made me want to have cubs and get a brownstone in bk.
i wanted to be like “the huxtables” so bad.
growing up,
i’ve heard things about bill cosby throughout the years,
but of course,
you don’t want to believe it.
you don’t want to believe he was drugging and raping vixens.
you want to believe he’s “heathcliff huxtable”.
so when all his scandals that took him down happened,
and boy did they happen fast,
it was really shocking.
i found this part very sad tho…

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I Think I’ll Wear Coats Over My Shoulders This Summer

f302bdb7bf36b17acef6aac0703c8bf9^this was kim kardashian in 2012.
you see that?
the correct way to wear high waist pants.
well the following is kim kardashian in 2016 at the snapchat offices.
i saw these pictures today and well…
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Sexting Can Get You F*cked Nice ‘n’ Hard (Literally)

we have all done it.
it’s usually seen as foreplay before “12 play”.
sometimes you can sext all day and get “no play”.
i have sexted quite a few wolves and it went no where.
well who knew you could go to jail for it?
i certainly didn’t.
this black mini baller wolf now has a record because of it.
everyone meet levar allen.
he was sexting a snow bunny and well…
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Who Wants To Watch A Movie With Me Tonight? (3)

get some popcorn.
i picked up a movie for us.
i really want you guys to watch this.
just how we like it,
but i felt like this movie could relate to many.
can you spot yourself?

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