it’s the ones that smoke blunts with ya… (alexis crawford)


This story disturbbbbbbbbbbed me

“friends” allegedly did this same shit to my star fox too.
it’s the story of missing alexis crawford from clark atlanta.
she’s in the above pic with the arrow on top of her head.
the she-hyena next to her,
was her college roommate.
jordyn’s hyena of a boyfriend and herself were involved in the killing of alexis.
( x read up on it here )
alexis thought they was cool but nah.
this is the last pics of her alive in a liquor store with one of the hyenas:


what disturbed me about this story…

you can be cool with someone,
bond with them,
introduce them to your family,
bring them into your home,
be assigned as roommates in college,
and they will plot your demise.
it’s amazing how folks can take a life with no fucks.
the signs were there too.
jordyn foreshadowed her outcome in 2013:

what had me is she was posting on her ig stories
but literally knew where alexis body was:


that is some crazy ass shit tho.
all this over some dick that had probably wasn’t good for her anyway…

i hope they enjoy prison and don’t have a moment’s peace.
may alexis rip.

lowkey: is jordyn remorseful?
she is about to go to jail jail.
( x her twitter ) showed she had a pretty decent life.
how does one throw that all away so stupidly?

5 thoughts on “it’s the ones that smoke blunts with ya… (alexis crawford)

  1. Okay, not to brush over the matter but that Instagram description was painful to read. I mean good lord… I’m not a grammar Nazi online since I use one of my phone’s to access this and have errors but that description was brutal.

    As far as this case. I saw something about it but I at the time they mentioned she might be suspected dead. I didn’t read further that day because I didn’t want to disrupt my mood.

  2. Okay. That guy everyone warned me about, I’m going to listen and stay away from. This makes me want to be anti-social. Better lonely and alive then dead to these fake friends. What exactly highlights a killer or psychopath?

    The post of her trying to redirect it like she was looking disgusts me. The fact that attractive people are dangerous makes sense. They realize that they can get away with so much. And…she was trying her best to appear innocent.

    They say there is truth in every joke…how terrifying. May she rest in peace.

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