cardi b thinks ig should take away ya’ll comments too

so by this time next week,
ig will have taken away “likes“.
for those who aren’t on ig,
is the little heart you press if you “like” the picture.
for some,
getting likes was their whole self esteem.
i’ve seen folks erase a pic and then re-post because they didn’t get a lot of likes.

I think it’s a great idea

put up good content instead of flexing for the gram.
we will still be able to see “likes” bts.
it’s that the public won’t be able to see it.
i read it will allegedly look something like this:

…for the public.
other countries have taken likes away and they’ve adjusted to the change.
cardi b thinks ig should go a step further and take away the comment section.
this is what she had to say on her ig…


She does realize she can turn off her comments in settings,

just making sure.

i think comments need to stay on.
between that and your follower count,
i’m sure that’ll be how brands will determine who they’ll spend their money on.
i think cardi is annoyed folks talk to her any kind of way in her comments.
it comes with the fame she wanted.
she’ll just have to deal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “cardi b thinks ig should take away ya’ll comments too”

  1. People use to blow up my spot based on what I was liking. So I stopped doing that because people could stalk your likes. I commented. Not only could people not see what I was commenting, you have to come up with more than just an emoji. I always found likes weird. For example if I post a death announcement and people “like” it. You’re happy they died? Huh?

    As far as no comments….on one hand, I have noticed many blogs have turned off commenting. But after reading something online, I go down to the comments to see how other people feel about the topic. I feel comments should be moderated. It’s very easy to make a filter that bans posts based on certain words. If I can block tweets based on word on Twitter, blogs/website/social media can as well.

      1. Comments shouldnt be moderated. lol People cant handle difference of opinions. And thats whats the biggest issue is with social media. Even if you filter the comments, people will find their way around the filters. Or just abandon the site. I mean look at Bossip. They changed their whole comment platform, and now Nobody fucks with them. If your goal is to spew hate, then you will find a way.

        1. ^i absolutely agree.
          most folks get mad at me because of the foxhole comments.
          i guess they expect me to edit it.


          everyone opinion matters,
          even if i don’t agree.

  2. Dumb HOE…..the whole POINT of social media is to comment……or you can turn it off YOURSELF…..she sho6just stuck to sucking dick and STFU

  3. Cardi WOULD want comments to be taken away. Poor thing let’s those negative comments drive her crazy. If I was her husband I would physically take her phone away. I just know shes up all hours of the night going back and fourth with 14 year olds

    Personally I don’t really give a damn about likes. When I get on IG, I am on there because the meme pages I follow are hilarious. It is interesting though because I read an article about IG is taking away like because they don’t want folks self esteem to be affected but I am not buying it. If they cared about self esteem then they’d take away those filters too.

    1. Bingo!! They don’t care about self-esteem. The likes are the major problem. It’s the digital plastic surgery & gender swapping. Makes it easier for scammers and predators of young people.

  4. The fact that she had over 1 million likes from that post means we actually need turn some people off. 🧐

    I wonder how this will affect attenionistod/attenionistas self esteem. You know those digital personal trainers can’t function without hearing the notification bell.

  5. I think they are going to bring likes back in the future but for a small fee. They are seeing that so many people are making money from their platform based on likes and they are not getting any of the revenue. This is a business decision, nothing more. Instagram has turned us who use it into to semi-narcissist and made others who were already narcissistic worse. Welp so much for all these pineapples talking about building their brand. I really dont think this is going to go over well in America. IG may end up like Tumblr. They created a monster and if people bolt in mass numbers, the likes will be back before any Attentionista harms themselves. I guess these influencers better get them some job applications this weekend before the holidays. I guess i better post my last set of Thirst Traps

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