cardi b thinks ig should take away ya’ll comments too

so by this time next week,
ig will have taken away “likes“.
for those who aren’t on ig,
is the little heart you press if you “like” the picture.
for some,
getting likes was their whole self esteem.
i’ve seen folks erase a pic and then re-post because they didn’t get a lot of likes.

I think it’s a great idea

put up good content instead of flexing for the gram.
we will still be able to see “likes” bts.
it’s that the public won’t be able to see it.
i read it will allegedly look something like this:

…for the public.
other countries have taken likes away and they’ve adjusted to the change.
cardi b thinks ig should go a step further and take away the comment section.
this is what she had to say on her ig…

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