cardi b thinks ig should take away ya’ll comments too

so by this time next week,
ig will have taken away “likes“.
for those who aren’t on ig,
is the little heart you press if you “like” the picture.
for some,
getting likes was their whole self esteem.
i’ve seen folks erase a pic and then re-post because they didn’t get a lot of likes.

I think it’s a great idea

put up good content instead of flexing for the gram.
we will still be able to see “likes” bts.
it’s that the public won’t be able to see it.
i read it will allegedly look something like this:

…for the public.
other countries have taken likes away and they’ve adjusted to the change.
cardi b thinks ig should go a step further and take away the comment section.
this is what she had to say on her ig…

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yakiboy wants you to break him off a slice for the (instagram) culture

go talent!
folks are gonna get creative to show how “liked” they are these days.
since instagram is starting to take away “likes” from posts,
it seems many of us have to get creative to boost engagement.
hossein balapour
yakiboy” aka “@leon68yaki” on instagram,
wanted his followers to get creative with the following picture…

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the attentionistos on instagram may not like this

everyone’s lives revolves around social media these days.
let’s face it,
some of us are pretty much addicted.
you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone on “something”.
this social media forest is really one big high school.

You’re a nobody if no one likes you

instagram is planning on changing all that pretty soon.
you may or may not like it…
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Ya’ll Not Liking George Hill Stuff and He Getting Mad

when you are trying to “make it” as a star,
that particular path is never easy.
until your name is in lights,
and you’re getting respect from the movers and shakers,
you’ll be treated like a second class citizen.
ask anyone in hollywood.
even the nerds of the successful forests went through it.
george hill is mad you don’t like his rapping stuff.
an f-bi sent me the alert to yet another rant.
 he is realizing his follower count don’t add up to his likes.
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My Tite Foxhole Should Get 5,000 Likes (Social Media)

tumblr_m8py8v2sit1r1thfzo1_1280i was reading up on this “lamar odom” story today.
the media and “that family” are a dangerous thing.
they are both like a drug almost.
the media being the worst of the two.
one minute it’s praising you for your accomplishments.
the next 15,
they are watching and reporting your downfall.
well unless you have a “cruel de jenner” on your payroll.
for the common animals,
like you and i,
social media is our version of the media.
everyone is watching you,
liking your shit,
and even leaving these amazing comments about your disgusting lookin’ food or bad ass child.
what you don’t realize is once your image gets tainted,
and accusations start flying,
it will become the start of you being yesterday’s news.
if the rumors turn out to be true,
you end up contemplating suicide.
how does one not live without 500-1,000 likes on one picture?
the horror.
the horror!

so i had to wonder…

Why do people want to become famous again?

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I Should Put The Camera Under My Boobs And Snap The Picture

lololhow true is this tho?
it goes for both sexes actually.
listen i’m all about lookin’ at some flesh.
it be like soft porn on instagram.
it gets so bad you’ll see someone post a picture,
not get enough likes,
erase the picture,
and post it again a little later.
aaah the society of the selfies.
i love how vain everyone as become.
those are always the best ones to manipulate.