we don’t likes that at all

every day,
i would sneak on twitter just to see this one follower’s likes.

i won’t even hold you…

I discovered some fine ass wolves and OF content under his likes.

elon has decided it’s best to hide our likes due to his concerns about our “privacy”.
i don’t even think we can see our own likes.

i had to wonder...

when did we ask for this?
i know we have asked for him to change the name back to twitter.
ain’t no one calling that shit “x”.
i know i scream every time a Foxholer sends me a tweet and i can’t see it.
it won’t auto-direct me to twitter like it did before.
i have to ask for a screen shot and then go scroll down the @’s TL to find the tweet.
don’t even get me started on all the hate flying wild on there.

Elon’s Twitter is a legit project building with a dumpster fire in the front.

i’m sure there isn’t a hidden agenda behind the hiding of likes.
that can’t be it.

I feel like we discovered good shit in people’s likes.
We learned who was DL or who secretly was into trans-vixens.
It was also a place to see up and coming OF folks and their previews.

this was another stupid movie for what once was a great app.

Are Gen X the new Boomers?

i hate when rich “out of touch” older folks don’t know what they are doing.
he has not made any of the changes to twitter that felt innovative.
nothing has improved and only made things worse.
don’t even get me started on randoms being able to be blue checks.
he’s like a boss that doesn’t know what they’re doing and good employees start to bounce.
i feel like when we heard he was thinking of buying twitter,
we should have really fought a little bit harder to make that not happen.

lowkey: the day them likes come back tho…

1 thought on “we don’t likes that at all

  1. don’t even get me started on randoms being able to be blue checks.

    VERY cringe and corny. Social media is lame now Jamari. I don’t even scroll through it anymore. Read more. Learn a new language. Watching what everybody else is doing just creates insecurity, comparison and this faux fear of missing out when…most are broke and flexing.

    The economy is bad. People are in debt.

    You’re doing just fine, surviving.

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