she was racist, got fired, and will probably be rich af soon

everyone cheered when they heard this white she-jackal was fired from her job.
she is the one who went viral for using the “n” word,
while cooking something i’m sure was only seasoned with salt and pepper,
and looking like what harrison butkler was talking about in his speech.
for those who missed it:

she didn’t even care at all.
she boldly said “a certain community“.
i heard through the forests she allegedly worked at a black company.
( x read about her getting fired here )

well i feel like ya’ll need to hold ya’ll cheers

… because she’s a racist she-jackal in America and her privilege will afford her to find another job.
If not,
she’ll get on the hoe stroll and marry a fellow white jackal with the same vile views.
She’ll play house wife,

cooking any and everything “casserole” for a little bit.
When the coast is clear and she walks down the aisle,
she’ll be barefoot and pregnant with a Mommy blog for other fellow white she-jackals to aspire to.

that or she’ll work for the trump administration as their private chef.

only black folks suffer consequences for doing dumb shit out here.

lowkey: tbh…

she strikes me as the type who secretly likes every single thing she is talking shit about.
she looks like she would not turn down a chance to ride a baller wolf’s bbc.
you know one of them would be the type to put a ring on it too.
she is a “status symbol”.

2 thoughts on “she was racist, got fired, and will probably be rich af soon

  1. This is interesting, I do like it when racists get exposed but maybe we do need to rethink how we direct our energy. Maybe we should focus our attention on these Kens and Karens who try to cause harm or bring harm and embarrassment. Let’s focus our attention on people who can actually face real consequences like jail time for their actions, like the Soho Karen.  

  2. Another sad sack white cunt gets free press. We need quit reacting to these bitches because we are so predictable..we fall for the low hanging poison fruit, then share it and make it go viral.

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