My Tite Foxhole Should Get 5,000 Likes (Social Media)

tumblr_m8py8v2sit1r1thfzo1_1280i was reading up on this “lamar odom” story today.
the media and “that family” are a dangerous thing.
they are both like a drug almost.
the media being the worst of the two.
one minute it’s praising you for your accomplishments.
the next 15,
they are watching and reporting your downfall.
well unless you have a “cruel de jenner” on your payroll.
for the common animals,
like you and i,
social media is our version of the media.
everyone is watching you,
liking your shit,
and even leaving these amazing comments about your disgusting lookin’ food or bad ass child.
what you don’t realize is once your image gets tainted,
and accusations start flying,
it will become the start of you being yesterday’s news.
if the rumors turn out to be true,
you end up contemplating suicide.
how does one not live without 500-1,000 likes on one picture?
the horror.
the horror!

so i had to wonder…

Why do people want to become famous again?

so let me ask you a quick question.
what if you found out:

that same fine attentionisto was a lowkey rapist?
that attentionista abuses and neglects her cubs?
that celeb you worship is a child molester?
those pecs and abs are attached to a credit card scammer?

…would that make you turn on them?
or would that not even matter?
if you choose the latter,
i am secretly side eyeing you.
ed7789fc874dd3aab32de08235157432see the life of the “internet and famous” has two sides.
there is the side we like:

constant updates
half naked in “every other”

…and then there is the fuck shit.
the low down dirty shit done behind a phone on sleep mode.
the things that turn “admiration” into “eww that pineapple nasty!”.
would those hoes in your comments really like you if they found out you suck dick?

beyonce giselle knowles is my role model when it comes to celeb life.
robin rihanna fenty and shawn corey carter as well.
they work their ass off,
stay humble with their fans,
but keep quiet when it comes to their personal lives.
they are all close to fam and friends.
everyone else gets the version of what they want them to know.
that’s it.

…Is that how it should be?

its no secret that some of the people who smile in your face are carrying the sharpest knives.
i’m not saying the praise and admiration ain’t cool,
but it is all very temporary.
you see some of these celebs be selling their souls for a headline.

no one likes to know you are human
no one cares that you fuck up
no one gives a fuck if you do something wrong

every loves you until its time to hate you.
that’s the rule of being famous.
we can build you up to tear you right back down.
its even worse when you are in the public eye.
you can’t even hide during a dragging.
you on tv/blogs/twitter/blimps and shit.
they will be camped outside your crib for the “gotcha!”.
giphyit takes thick fur to:

even write a blog

i should know.
i’m not immune to getting my ass handed to me by the foxhole.
see: work wolf entries.

so i hear you want to be “known”

Do you think you can really handle it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “My Tite Foxhole Should Get 5,000 Likes (Social Media)”

  1. Wish you could Send this to ever aspiring person that wants to be in show business.

    I feel like most (not all) of these attention seeking people need the likes and love they get on social media to feel good about themselves. It’s easy to forget about the bad part of yourself when you have total strangers showing you Thot ish love and props.

  2. I will never understand why people desire to be famous. Just give me the money. What’s even worse is that people want to be famous for doing absolutely nothing. You don’t need talent to be famous, all you need is a nice face/body and/or a gimmick. Most of the people on IG who get hundreds and thousands of likes are entertaining, but I often wonder about their lives outside of social media. Many of them are often more fucked up then you can imagine.

  3. Off topic a little bit, what I respect aboUt the kardashians, is that they have turned there fame into real, money and businesses. Clothes shoes, makeup apps. You gotta respect the hustle.

  4. Fame chasing has become so widespread and popular because so many are empty, I promise you that. So the likes, comments & “love” fill them up… until they need some more, so they post another selfie, and another & another. The fame, IMO, is the validation they need. The self-love is missing, so they look for it elsewhere.

  5. I can not even began to imagine how strong you must be to be famous or even infamous for that matter. Entertainment is the only job that you have to be evaluated by the public on and with social media it can be a brutal audit when its time for your review. Honestly I dont think I could have the skin for it, hell I cringe when I am asked by family members why I aint married so I know I couldnt hold up to the pressure to please the public. I guess that is why so many of our favorites always crash and burn. It must be exhausting to have to figure out who likes you for you or what they can get out of you. To have your personal life play out in public is something else I could not stomach, and for somebody to date a DL celeb, it would be pure torture to always look over your back and worry about being caught up in a scandal that could end your relationship or the entertainers career. I actually see why so many of them are so damn throwed off. So many people who are born with great talent also are born with a lot of pain that leave them craving for attention.

    @King, Bro you have spoke the truth this evening. I follow a lot of fitness dudes on IG and as time goes on, I see how empty many of them are, and how desperate they are for attention, it is almost cringe worthy and sad at the same time. I think I have been inundated with so many good looking men thanks to social media in general that I am starting to look beyond the pretty face and look for more substance. Seeing some of these dudes has actually help me not to be so shallow only focusing on the looks of someone. So many people have let “likes” define their personality that they began to believe the hype that they are somehow better and deserve adulation because they have worked so hard, and their fans make it worse with some of the comments they leave hyping them up like they are the best thing since sliced bread. I bet many of us would be blown over if we could see how some of our favorite attentionista’s actually lived and some of the things they do to survive. You all can have the fame, I just wanna be financially set.

    1. ^yeah im starting to feel the same.
      don’t get me wrong,
      I love to gawk at em,
      but i think I done seen every angle on their bodies.

      sex tapes would be wonderful tho…

  6. I definetly wouldn’t want to be famous especially now when you have to basically sell your soul now. Social media is like a popularity contest. Which guy has the biggest muscles, which girl has the biggest booty, who wears the most expensive designer clothes, who has the best luxury car, who travels the most, who is always in vip at the best clubs, who has the best relationship, and I could go on. But it is being revealed a lot lately now that some of these people have sponsors, are credit card scammers, stealing from stores, significant other beats and cheats on them, etc. Its also very annoying how people compare Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian and that people really think it’s important that Kim has more followers than Beyoncé. Kim got famous from a sex tape and did get a show and made money off that and I’ll give her that, but Beyoncé who actually has talent been working her butt off since she was a little girl and has honed her craft and has been in the game since the mid 90s traveling around the world selling out arenas, winning awards left and right, breaking and setting records, and people really put them in the same league due to Instagram followers man please.

    1. ^that really burns my biscuits e!

      like how dare you put kim k and fuckin BEYONCÉ in the same category?
      kim k needs to be with the other social media attentionistas where she belongs.

  7. Jamari I agree with you . Beyonce and Kim are not equals in any respect. The issue I have with Kim and her ilk is that her ascent has made fame look attainable to those without any identifiable talent. It gives way to the belief that all you have to do is be pretty, get into the right circles, suck and fuck the right dick and you to can live this vapid, vain life of fame and fortune. its a dangerous, empty sad life they are selling yet these “booking info in bio” IG models and attentionstos are dying for a piece of it. Alot of these girls want Beyonce type respect and admiration but want to use Kim K tactics to get there. No one wants to put in the work it takes to get to that level, so again they quickest route is social media attention. I have to agree with Tajan, I can only imagine with Miracle Watts, Nikki Mudaris and those other cartoonish, knifed up girls have had to do to get to the fame. And dont get me started on these guys. I never thought see a point where guys are more self centered, vain, and thirsty than these women, and there are no boundaries. I can scroll my IG right now and I’m guaranteed to see countless, abs, pecks, compression shorts pics and dick prints. Everybody is screaming and begging for likes and follows and it’s truly sad and its really having the opposite effect. We are so flooded daily with the same images, the same gym bodies and cute faces that we are almost desensitized to it.

  8. This is why I’m not on social media. This exact reason. This culture of being in everybody’s business has gotten disgusting. Instagram is repetitive and further i dont even have to have an account to look at people if I wanted to lol. I will never “like” a stupid photo of a naked guy on instagram because that whole dynamic has become so obvious. Too much “tryharding” for my taste and I’m not phased by the gimmicks. It’s a ll an act, and quite frankly, I need more, even from my eye candy.
    Yes, I do find some men posted on here fine as hell, but they’re a dime a dozen, and I find myself more attracted to guys i come across in every day life anyway (and they’re no where near as fine as these IG dudes).
    The whole “I’m so sexy, look at me” thing is so boring and contrived.
    As for social media, if you have my cell number that’s social enough, the world doesnt need to know my current thoughts or actions. This whole culture of pseudo-celebrity is getting concerning because it suggests that people do not have a secure sense of themselves so they seek validation from not just their close circle, but the planet.
    Not for me. If you’re important enough to know, then you will know, other than that, you don’t need to know.
    People have forgotten the humbling value that: not everyone cares about you, in the end, it’s just you.
    Now everyone has this narcissistic notion that everything they say matters to everyone reading. Not true.

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