My Tite Foxhole Should Get 5,000 Likes (Social Media)

tumblr_m8py8v2sit1r1thfzo1_1280i was reading up on this “lamar odom” story today.
the media and “that family” are a dangerous thing.
they are both like a drug almost.
the media being the worst of the two.
one minute it’s praising you for your accomplishments.
the next 15,
they are watching and reporting your downfall.
well unless you have a “cruel de jenner” on your payroll.
for the common animals,
like you and i,
social media is our version of the media.
everyone is watching you,
liking your shit,
and even leaving these amazing comments about your disgusting lookin’ food or bad ass child.
what you don’t realize is once your image gets tainted,
and accusations start flying,
it will become the start of you being yesterday’s news.
if the rumors turn out to be true,
you end up contemplating suicide.
how does one not live without 500-1,000 likes on one picture?
the horror.
the horror!

so i had to wonder…

Why do people want to become famous again?

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Attention Whores, Torpedo Tits, and Fashionista Boy Toys

kim-kardashian-bikini-6all the @attentionwhores must slowly come to an end.
the “swagg” comes to an end,
the fucks are lost in the mail,
and they become “the use to be” real fast.
when you are a slave to social media,
you always have to keep up appearances.
so kim kardashain has blown up!
she brought her new torpedo tits to paris to join yeezus at givenchy’s show.
what happened to the vixen above?…
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I’d Sell My Soul For The Nearest Camera

You ever stop to wonder what happens
to these Wolves/Foxes/Hybrids/and Vixens once they fall off?

You know, the ones who are steadily trying to be online stars.
The ones who think they can rap good because they look good.
The ones who think because they got over 10,000 followers,
that they made it in life.

Is everyone trying to be a star?

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