R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Work Wolf Knows What It Means 2 Me?)

tumblr_nlopp2fV571uqjq64o1_500work wolf and i have been really having deep convos as of late.
i’m starting to see him opening up more.
before he would tell me one layer to who he is.
he was private about many things.
he is an interesting wolf.
his view on the vixens he deals with is interesting…

he was texting me about that one vixen he was talking too today.
well who he is still talking too.
he admitted to me that he is just using her.


i dunno…
she does what i say…”

“do you like her?”

she just convenience right now.
don’t get me wrong,
she is cool,
real smart,

but she don’t raise the meter yet.”

“what does she do for you?”

“she comes over sometimes to cook
she be cleaning my crib
and she deliver that pussy when i need it.
she isn’t a hoe though.
she cool.
not really type.”


drive by pussy?

well as long as she doing it.
i can’t knock him for his honesty.
it seems to be how most straight wolves behave.
hell even the gay ones.
the ones who are attractive and have charm.

i told him i don’t see it lasting.
he said he knows.

“do you find yourself using me?”

“jamari shut the fuck up.”

i had to ask lol”

“if i was using you,
we wouldn’t be this close.
i wouldn’t be texting you.
i wouldn’t respect you.
you would know.
i don’t buy shit for just anyone.
plus its different with us…”


“its just different.”

tumblr_inline_nbrhapE3Ae1t0x5izi guess cause i’m his “boy”.
i dunno.
he does come through for me tho.
i have a nice overdraft in my account as of sunday.
sitting pretty at $0.
he has given me his credit card this whole week to buy lunch.
no limit.
whatever i want to eat.
he barely ever wants to pay for his harem.
plus he is always there when i need to go ham.
by looking at him,
i didn’t think he could give solid advice.
well brutha can give some advice and be a shoulder.
as long as i’m different.
don’t put me in the category with those vixens.
clearly he doesn’t respect them.

931cbad0-342d-0131-26c9-5edcf31a21b8…why tho?
i ask,
but he always brushes my questions off.

i admit that i go real hard on him.
like when he does something stupid,
i usually call him out on it.
he tends to like it.
other times he gets real vex.
i can’t count on this vixens to do it.
they fall for his charm and do his bidding.
i guess that’s what makes me different to him.
i don’t take his shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Work Wolf Knows What It Means 2 Me?)”

  1. Giving you his credit card? With no limit? Look at God. Won’t He will! Lol. Work Wolf is a really great friend despite his confusion at times. There is no denying that he really cares about your well being and in your corner.

  2. Yall don’t get it. I do and it’s nice, sweet, and special. It’s not about the money, it’s about the closeness these two are sharing. If I give someone my credit card it means I trust them. If I tell them my personal business even the bad things I do, it means I don’t feel judged by them. If I buy someone something at a department store it means that I want to see them smile and feel special. If I buy you drinks, take you to the movies, feed you, text you all day that means you are important to me and I care about you and want you to care about me. Let him enjoy this.

  3. 🙂 I said before and I am saying again…. Jamari….. you got gold digger tendencies…. Just saying… 🙂

  4. Do you write WW texts verbatim? The way you write him in these posts makes him seem almost slow lol.

  5. He let you lay on his shoulder during the movie, he fantasized about your bootyhole even he claim he was joking, and he gave you his card. Are you sure you’re not his boyfriend?

  6. This whole think is a mess you seem delusional– stop embarrassing yourself– take control of your life and stop following after someone who seems only to be seeking attention–you may not like my comment but its real and not meant to hurt you but rather to help as you seem to be extremely caught up no matter what happens you fantasize a love affair in your head.

    On the positive side you are a good writer with an interesting point of view so I know an attractive personality is within stop selling yourself short

  7. Sounds like this nigga trying to stunt. Nothing new, especially w dudes who fuck pussy lol. A nigga will talk himself the hell up standard. Something telling me this chick who he been fucking with what 2 months and he say a bad bitch no way getting dogged out to this degree. You ever seen them interact? That’s when the shit will shock you. One my friend’s always talk his shit up like this. ‘I run shit nigga’ ‘that bitch will do what I tell her to do’ etc and when she finally come around way diff story. Females do that shit too w their women friends. Unless one in the couple far out the league of the other most this shit really be 50/50.

    1. You raise up a excellent point. He talking all this ish but i bet if she split from his ass he will switch up real quick just keep her.

  8. I feel kinda sorry for ol girl but I guess that’s the ways it goes.

    The friendship you two has goes deep and it’s just getting deeper with time, I’m pretty sure when you asked him that question in his mind it was like you were questioning the bond the guys you have between each other. I think you both recognize that this thing you guys have isn’t like any other friendship or relationship, in a sense you are bae just not in the typical way that’s though of. The vixens get his sex while you get everything else, bittersweet.

  9. “Deliver that pussy…”

    As tacky as that line was, it turned me on. I’ve gotta go change the panties now.

  10. This is why I wouldn’t be quick to do anything like that for any wolf. (unless we’re really tight)
    This girl is cooking and cleaning for him just for him to be like: “naw, I’m cool” lmao.
    You won’t get anything until I know I’ll get my return. I’m not about to be someone’s pawn or blow up toy.

    I have no advice for his “relations” with you though Jamari, it’s on a “wait and see” basis now. I don’t know what to expect, to me, this is a toss up. Idk how I would feel about using someone else’s card though, but its nice that he’s got your back when you need help like that.

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