“Oh Na Na”, Look What The Tax Man Done Started

tumblr_ntupt5qpbc1s276gfo1_500i haven’t heard from trey songz in a minute.
did “trigga re-loaded” even drop?
besides mi playing some of his songs,
he has been pretty quiet.
well that is until i read he owes 750k in back taxes.
you read right…
tmz has the story…

Trey Songz¬†skipped out on a major tab with Uncle Sam for about $750k … according to the IRS which, as it always does, has come calling for the dough.

Trey got hit with the federal tax lien last month in Miami — letting him know he owes $748,870.08 on his income from 2013. That happens to be the same year he plunked down $35,000 a month to live in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Priorities?¬†

Unclear how or why Trey fell short … we’ve got a call into his rep, but no word back yet.

It ain’t chump change, but we’re guessing another hit song and world tour can fix it all real quick.

the thought of owing that much in taxes:

tumblr_inline_nmxgzodvBm1qlqbrb_500…i can’t even deal.
how does that even happen to celebs?
don’t they have accountants who triple check their shit?
what is happening?
well the good news is he is a “tour artist”.
i’m sure he isn’t worried.
he will make that money in a day when he heads over to dubai or something.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on ““Oh Na Na”, Look What The Tax Man Done Started”

  1. I agree. How doe these celebs continue to let this happen?! Every time you turn around, there’s some new story about someone owing back taxes in a ridiculous amount! Even crazier…it seems it happens to the black artists more. At least that’s’ what I’m seeing a lot.
    They spend unnecessarily, and you KNOW Uncle Sam gonna get his money someway, somehow!
    Me…I’d tell my accountant(s) straight up, if the tax man comes knocking at my door telling me I owe him, yo ass better go into hiding because if I catch you…I’m throwing yo ass off the highest building I can find. I wouldn’t really do it…but I’d try to put fear in him. LOL

  2. As a broke non-celebrity who currently owes the IRS five grand, I can tell you it happens to the best of us, lucky me, I ponied up and made a payment arrangement and I am sure Tremaine is going to do the same thing or his narrow ass will be dancing to Jail House Rock ask Wesley Snipes and Lauryn Hill, Uncle Sam made believers out of them. You cant let your Aunt Dot who went through the Everest College Accounting Program and got a certificate do your damn taxes as a celebrity. Hell Im shocked he owes that much, I would imagine that is what his net worth is total. I’m on the phone now calling Dionne Warwick for him because her tax attorney worked a miracle to help her pay down her 10 million tax lien that stem back from the 1980’s. No H&R Block instant refund for you this year Tremaine. #Itsuckstobeyourightnow

  3. This is clearly Trey trying to support his fellow black artist Kendrick Lamar by demonstrating points made in “Wesley’s Theory”. But seriously it’s probably a “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax” gone wrong: either somebody he knows who got money is doing it and he tried to do what they did and got caught or his tax preparer has been slipping. Or he could just be dgaf about taxes. Or they tryna do him like they doing Lucious, tryna make trigga trey pay :/ i doubt it but just had to put it out there.

    And to answer about redd foxx jamari yes he was in deep debt to the government. So much so that they rolled up to his house and took his stuff while somebody was recording it. Ppl he worked with tell how he always talked about not having to pay the government.

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