yakiboy wants you to break him off a slice for the (instagram) culture

go talent!
folks are gonna get creative to show how “liked” they are these days.
since instagram is starting to take away “likes” from posts,
it seems many of us have to get creative to boost engagement.
hossein balapour
yakiboy” aka “@leon68yaki” on instagram,
wanted his followers to get creative with the following picture…

A notorious former bodyguard and ‘Muslim soldier’ has posted a naked photo of himself to social media in protest of Instagram taking away its ‘like count’.

Hossein Balapour – who boasts 253,000 social media followers on his YakiBoy account – posted an image of him completely naked save for a pizza emoji fitted over his privates on Saturday. 

Last Wednesday, Instagram swiftly took away the ‘like count’ from Australian and New Zealand accounts, trialling a new model which it says will remove people’s fear they will seem unpopular

The Instagram star, 29, in response posted the image and asked his followers to comment on the ‘pizza’ in his photo.

‘Instagram go rid of the likes. Now all we have left is the comments…so let’s see how many comments this pizza can get,’ he wrote. 

Fans flooded the image with comments with many paying compliments to the father-of-one.

‘Meatasaurus,’ one user wrote next to a fire emoji.

‘Hahah the pizzaman,’ another said.

i bet you if you were to send him a dm,
paying him a compliment,
or asking for advice,
he wouldn’t respond.
for his fear of being “unpopular” tho,
he needs you to give him emoji pizza.

lowkey: this cracked me up from the same article…

Tammy Hembrow, the Gold Coast mum-of-two, who boasts almost 10 million followers, revealed in June when the move was first discussed, that she was prepared to delete the app that had made her famous

‘We’ll delete Instagram from my life!’ Tammy said in Los Angeles in June.

‘F**k Instagram!’ she added.

Former Married At First Sight Nasser Sultan has also publicly lamented the social media giant’s new trial. 

‘It is outrageous that I don’t look like a celebrity now and people can’t see how popular I am with my posts,’ he raged

these are the folks some of us worship.

article cc: daily mail

see: instagram

7 thoughts on “yakiboy wants you to break him off a slice for the (instagram) culture

  1. i bet you if you were to send him a dm,
    paying him a compliment,
    or asking for advice,
    he wouldn’t respond.

    Drag them, Jamari.

    People like death announcements! I think commenting is appropriate for any social media post. But in a world where Baby is shortened to “Bae”, I guess people are too lazy.

  2. I guess it proves how fragile the instathot ego is. Take away the likes and the meltdowns begin. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Onlyfans is rubbing their hands with glee right now. Somebody is gonna be making a lot of money from this outrage.

  3. A bunch of losers. The whole app should be deleted. People are being worshipped and making money for being true idiots.

  4. Ehhh honestly I think they should just leave the app alone, this is why we are called the “snowflake generation” life is NOT an equal play field and everyone isn’t going to have what “everyone else” has. People make money off how “popular” they are and likes fall into this, is just is what it is, you cnt let your confidence and self worth fall because someone else gets more likes then you!?

  5. Ughhh people are so full of themselves and it really just proves that a LOT of people view social media as a popularity contest. I want no parts. And it looks like a dollar pizza anyway so he shouldn’t be too quick to protest anything. 😒

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