harriet: the black-american hero

i wrote about harriet tubman in one of my school essays.
i got an “a“.
they released the trailer for the movie about her life.
english actress,
cynthia erivo,
takes on harriet and well…


i’m gonna see it.
you should do.
harriet is a black-american hero and she deserves all the roses.

Do we have any Black-American heroes these days?

that michael jackson situation gave her insane amounts of side eyes tho.
i feel like we’ll get one or two,
find out their married to someone “white/not black”,
said some fuckery in their past on twitter,
and get super banish shortly after.
it’s like you have to pass a checklist to be a “black-american hero” in 2019.

i love cynthia so i know she is gonna do an amazing job.
i’m happy to see janelle monae killin’ the acting game playing strong characters.
i’ll allow it.

“harriet” hits theaters on november 1st.

lowkey: wasn’t harriet supposed to be on money?
did that plan get banished?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “harriet: the black-american hero”

  1. Trump is the reason why we won’t see Harriet on the $20 just yet. That racist monster fucked it up. I’m going to support this and hope that it’s good. I wasn’t sold by the trailer but the director is black and most of the cast so we’ll give it a chance.

    1. I’m all for Harriet getting her props. Absolutely. hell yes. BUT, that trailer did nothing for me. Janelle came off the strongest. I won’t be seeing it. Sorry..

      1. I don’t understand how it didn’t touch you! I was watching commentary on the mew Star Trek: Picard trailer and the Harriet trailer came up. That had me sobbing like a baby. Totally left field, I know, but I will he in attendance for that. Never has a 2 min trailer evoked such a response in me. I’m still gonna see it, even tho I don’t care for Janelle Monae at all….

  2. By far my favorite historical character. Man I was beaming with pride looking at this Trailer. I will be excited to see this like someone who would be excited to see Star Wars. I will always be in awe of her bravery and her smarts to say that she was able to escape without GPS or any transportation, no maps, no highways or roads, running into the woods at night no doubt having to contend with wild animals and rough terrain and she still made it. Talk about the original Black Woman Magic. I too was excited to be able to see her on our nations currency, but alas that Orange Racist Demon stopped this history making moment. I will be so glad when he is canceled.

  3. I never understand how “we” have to be convinced that we’ll be entertained in order to support black films. We’re the absolute hardest when it comes to black-anything but give our money to near bout every other race…

    I know so many who run to see the dumbest movies, support the poorest of public figures antics on reality tv but won’t learn of our history or put a dollar in a black family’s house…


  4. About time. A true American hero who risked her life to free her people. I was wondering when someone was going to make a movie about her. Let’s hope they don’t whitewash her legacy and stay mostly true to the story.

  5. I can’t get behind it because of Cynthia Erivo’s problematic comments about Black Americans🤷🏾‍♂️

    Hopefully Viola Davis is still making her Harriet Tubman film.

      1. Basically implied black americans have no culture and are jealous and less cultured than African brits like herself.

  6. I, too, did multiple assignments over the years on Harriet Tubman. She is one of the greatest patriots in the history of this country. Her knowledge of terrain gained from leading hundreds to freedom made her an essential asset to the Union Army during the Civil War.

    I have a problem with a British actress portraying Tubman when there are dozens of known and unknown actresses in this country that are descended from the Enslaved, especially considering the fact that Britain aided the South during the Civil War.

    I have a tremendous respect for Cynthia Orivo and her body of work, but unless they follow Broadway theatre, most don’t even know who she is. If she had a huge following that would her stans to the theater like movies have done with Beyonce or Whitney, I would get it. I just don’t get why they would pass over so many gifted African American actresses to get a lesser known British actress.

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