the “worst case scenario” game

one of my favorite tv couples is randall and beth from “this is us“.
i’d love to be the “beth” to someone’s “randall”.
so they both have this game they play called “worst case scenario“.
it’s where they say the worst cases of a situation and the fears they have about it.
it is a judgement free zone where you say whatever on your mind,
no matter how stupid,
or crazy it may sound.
for this new season,
i watched an episode today where they got their kids into it:

i tried the same game out with a recent situation i found myself in…

a foxholer told me that someone i wrote about allegedly blasted me and the foxhole on a web show.
that someone was involved in a “paint n sip“.
they claimed they didn’t fuck with me and allegedly spent some time talking about me.
i was shocked af.
the crazy part is that i showed tremendous love to their brand in the past.
i said they had one of the best “onlyfans” and folks should sign up.
i don’t recall saying anything terrible about them in the past.
i decided to play “worst case scenario” about it.

a – people listening to the show will laugh,
and don’t fuck with me because he doesn’t

b – they will try to ruin my reputation because of it

c – people in his circle will prejudge me off top and banish me

d – i allegedly offended someone and they never hit me up to let me know what i did

…but then i introduced another part called ‘best case scenario“.
it’s where i counter those scenarios with positive ones.

a – realize and understand that not everyone is going to like me or the foxhole

b – i can show love and someone,
promote their brands,
and they will still have a problem with me

c – some of the viewers will laugh and join in while others will form their own opinions of me.
i can’t control anyone who chooses to judge me based on one side of a story.

d – if i offended him,
he could have hit me up and let me know what was up.
since he didn’t do that,
that probably isn’t my problem but more-so his.

e – do i really have anything in common with those folks besides bustin’ a nut?

f – going forward,
i won’t mention him again or put the foxhole onto whatever he has going on.
i wish him well on his endeavors.

g – he never once said “thank you for featuring me” so that kinda shows who he is as a person

h the foxhole doesn’t care what he has to say


there was more positives than negatives.
it’s all how you look at things and shift the narrative.
i got other shit to deal with than beef on the internet.
it’s interesting how i was suffering with anxiety,
but by doing that exercise,
i feel calmer.
i’m gonna try that with other things that have been bothering me.
feel free to give it a try with any situations that may arise in your lives foxhole.

this is us” comes on every tuesday at 9pm on nbc.

lowkey: the crazy part is i was gonna feature him the other day too.
something came up and i forgot.
The Universe was like “wait hold up…”

4 thoughts on “the “worst case scenario” game

  1. Was it T*********? You know, the best-case scenario list is the way to go.

    BTW, wasn’t his OF all or mostly straight ish? I ain’t got time for that!

  2. I wrote a long response to this but it wouldn’t go through 😭 so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Keep doing you, growing this brand, and growing. The ones that rock with you will continue to do so.

    P.S. that onlyfans page was not worth the money 😑

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