the “worst case scenario” game

one of my favorite tv couples is randall and beth from “this is us“.
i’d love to be the “beth” to someone’s “randall”.
so they both have this game they play called “worst case scenario“.
it’s where they say the worst cases of a situation and the fears they have about it.
it is a judgement free zone where you say whatever on your mind,
no matter how stupid,
or crazy it may sound.
for this new season,
i watched an episode today where they got their kids into it:

i tried the same game out with a recent situation i found myself in…

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“this is us” never fails to make me ugly sob

i decided to take a “me day”.
i’ve been feeling depressed,
but i feel like i might be coming down with something too.
after i wrote the first entry,
i took a benadryl and knocked out.
when i awoke,
i escaped into the world of “good tv.
you know i love a good binge.
i started with “blackish” and “this is us” after.
the show ended 30 minutes ago,
but i couldn’t get my shit together because i was crying so hard.
(some light spoilers ahead)…

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