star fox would have liked this.

i really miss my best friend.
there have been some days i can’t believe he’s dead.
i still can’t believe they took him from me.
someone i know,
who knows i’ve not gained an addiction to these damn funko pops,
sent me the following.
i nearly cried

“the devil wears prada” funko pops.
miranda priestly and andy sachs.
you know how much he loved this movie?
i enjoyed it even more because he loved it so much.
since he was trying to get into the fashion industry,
“the devil wears prada” was a cult classic for him.
miranda priestly was,
and still is,
a gay icon.
meryl streep played tf out of that role.

i found myself wanting to call him when i first got the news like:

“omg star fox,
guess what!?”

…but the excitement faded quickly when i realized he wouldn’t answer.
i’m gonna end up buying miranda because i loved that movie.
i would’ve surprised him and bought him the same as well.
“the devil wears prada” funko pops have no released date yet,
but i read sometime in early 2020.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “star fox would have liked this.”

  1. Nice. Good thing you have your memories to hold on to. Reminiscing of all the good times & feeling the warmth of companionship.

      1. No problem. I went back to March 2013 and read about Star Fox. Such a great friendship. So many memories to cherish. I smiled at the beginning about how SF had to get you together with a confidence boost! 💪

        Also discovered folks that have been around here a looooooong time too. Lol

  2. Star Fox is with you. And he’s proud of you. As am I. Be encouraged. We love you J. It’s okay to reminisce. I was crying earlier thinking about Grandma. But it was a Happy Cry. They never leave us

    1. ^they dont.
      they are always around.
      when i say out loud:

      “star fox,
      what should i wear today?”

      i literally feel him tell me what i should put on.
      those are the days i get compliments on my outfit.

  3. Awwwww, I know it’s been said but he’s always with you, sometimes it’s the small things or moments that come out of nowhere that take you back. I’m sure he would have loved to receive these as a gift from you.

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